Two years in the making, Psyclo’s long-awaited 20 songs album is finally here.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 / — Psyclo has been releasing songs in anticipation of this momentous occasion for two years – her full-length release, “Shxffle,” on February 3, 2023. From creating her beats to engineering them herself – this album is an expression of who she is and what she stands for – with her heart and soul – “Shxffle” promises to be an impressive body of work.

Genres for this album blend Psyclo’s signature alternative, alt-rock, and alt-pop sound. “Shxffle” serves as a representation of Psyclo’s journey through music. Psyclo represents the misunderstood ones, the outcasts, the freaks – those who don’t belong anywhere. She uses music to empower her people and unify them with a sense of belonging.

Through the songs on this album, Psyclo delves deep into understanding her inner feelings to understand her true self better. Her journey has been one of growth and realization; Psyclo no longer takes BS from anyone because she knows what’s best for her. The gut feeling within her tells her that the destination isn’t as important as the journey itself: all roads eventually lead her home.

Psyclo believes in her capabilities, and “Shxffle” allows her to refocus when unsure of what direction to take. Though there will always be people who attempt to limit or pass judgment on our lives, we can unite with those going through similar journeys – learning from one another how wonderful it is to accept ourselves for who we are without fear of criticism. Together, regardless of differences, showing innocence over ignorance unites us as a unit – giving everyone the strength they need!

“Shxffle” is Psyclo’s debut album, a journey to self-salvation and personal introduction to the music world. “Shxffle” is produced with meticulous attention to detail, and through this daring work of art, listeners will discover why unique expressions are their form of perfection!

With each format, from the vinyl, the cassette, and to digital, the album has its own narrative with a shuffled order, each giving a different storytelling.

One of the lead singles, “Two Past Twelve,” was released on January 2, 2023.

Pre-save Psyclo’s full-length release “Shxffle” before it releases on February 3, 2023! For more information, visit Psyclo’s website and Instagram page!

About Psyclo
Psyclo was born in China but determined to find her path and define herself on her terms; she moved alone to Los Angeles at seventeen. Film school seemed like the perfect way for Psyclo to uncover a lifelong passion – yet it only revealed further insight into how working with others could bring deeper self-knowledge. Music became an essential medium through which Psyclo could explore self-understanding and express what Psyclo is about.

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