North America Map Commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day

North America Map Commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day

A Map that Matters: Stand-out comments to about the annual Indigenous Peoples Day Map from 2018 – 2022

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2022 / — From 2018 through 2022, the annual social post of a Native American Indigenous Peoples map reached over 4.2 million people, largely because over 51,000 people chose to share the post with their friends. Each year the map has improved based on impactful comments that led to research and updates.

“Thank you to all those who helped us to improve this map each year by providing their comments and tribal knowledge of where their people were on or about 1500 CE. Doing so helped us to research and develop this 5th annual edition of the Indigenous Peoples of North America Map. It commemorates what so many had hoped for, Indigenous Peoples Day being proclaimed as a nationally recognized day in 2021.”
– John Glanville, CEO

Stand-out comments from this year:

Norman J.
Every day is “Indigenous Day” !!!! I’m from the “Dine” tribe !! (Navajo) My late father Ben James honorably served in WW II as one of the USMC Navajo Code Talkers with the 6th Marine Division.

Reply: Sylvia G.
Norman J., what a blessing to have had a father who took part in an amazing part of our history. Such honor. Blessings upon your family always!

Reply: Michael B.
Norman J., that is wonderful and I am forever in debt to all our native Americans who have served this country. Thank you and your family should be so proud

Alex P.
It’s great to see a map recognize our local O’odham peoples! They’re often left out of things like this.

Reply: Lisa G.
Alex P., So are the Maimi of the Maumee valley in Ohio, glad to see my people on the map too

Reply: William S.
Alex P., It’s nice to also see my Taino people on the map.

Michelle B
Love this. Teach this in schools. Would be a subject most students would like to learn about!! I know I would have when in school.

Reply: Leslie D.
Michelle B., I had a similar map on my living room wall when my kids were in school. I filled in the missing parts of their public school history class education regarding indigenous people. But if I hadn’t done it they would never have known. Sad, I also told my kids to question their teachers and encourage discussion about the genocide that happened in the US; I told my kids to pay special attention to what their teachers were telling them about US history and to always speak up if it didn’t sound true or conflicted with things we had studied at home, and I told them to never be shy about speaking the truth and telling the stories of indigenous people that are usually left out of the curriculum. I had a good rapport with their teachers and never had any problems getting them to listen to me and my kids. has expanded greatly upon the offering of this Native American map commemorating Indigenous Peoples day by giving students and educators access to additional history maps about the changes in North America as territories, populations, and technology changed over time. is a gateway to the best online collection of maps, articles, and virtual field trips about indigenous peoples here in America and all over the world. Learn more at

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