Battle of the Biotechs recognizes a company with compelling impact on cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, care, and prevention

NEWBURY PARK, CA, USA, December 30, 2022 / — Pulmostics, Inc., described on Pulmostics’ website, is pleased to announce that it won the 2022 Battle of the Biotechs contest hosted by Music Beats Cancer ( and was awarded a $10,000 prize, acknowledging the potentially enormous cost-effectiveness of using breath-screening technology for breast cancer, both in terms of lives and money saved, as compared to developing new cancer treatments and cures.

Pulmostics is conducting a clinical trial to validate the use of Breath Analysis to detect breast cancer. In conjunction with Christus Muguerza Hospital, and the CHRISTUS CEI Clinical Research Center in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

Pulmostics’ CEO William Wittmeyer stated “Completing clinical trials underway now in Mexico, is an essential next step in getting regulatory approval. Clinical trials are essential but costly. While the company continues to invite investment capital, charitable donations are essential right now to enable this clinical trial of 1350 women to be completed in 2023.” To support this cause, please visit the Pulmostics campaign on the Music Beats Cancer website.

The current clinical trial is part of a program to validate the sensitivity and specificity of breath analysis. Based on positive results in this large-scale trial, Pulmostics believes it will qualify for regulatory approval in Mexico and other countries.

Doctor Bernardo Alfonso Fernandez Rodarte, Principal Investigator of CHRISTUS Muguerza commented: “Breath analysis promises to give clinicians real-time information about the patient’s health and guide us through the treatment of the disease. Imagine, you only need to exhale, and in one minute a doctor has more information about a patient’s state of health than can be gleaned from a battery of blood and urine tests. Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Mexico today and most diagnoses are at stage 3. We want and need a faster tool to detect breast cancer in women and we are working with Pulmostics to validate a breath test, one that holds promise to be low cost, painless and fast.”

Pulmostics, Inc. based in Newbury Park, CA, is a world leader in breath analysis systems designed to help doctors improve point-of-care diagnosis and treatment of many health conditions. Pulmostics’ BreathSense™ 1000 uses advanced biomarker analytical technology and algorithms to analyze the signal pattern with high sensitivity and accuracy. The device examines the volatile organic compounds present in the breath of women and identifies those compounds that are correlated with breast cancer.

Music Beats Cancer is a 501(c)(3) charity that supplies funding and a charitable tax-deductible crowdfunding platform in support of groundbreaking innovations in cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, care, and prevention. Music Beats Cancer partners with independent musical artists to raise awareness of and fund innovative cancer treatments and solutions.
See the Music Beats Cancer website for more information.

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Assuming breath screening technology is validated by clinical trials, breath screening makes it possible to detect most occurrences of breast cancer at Stage 1 or Stage 2. At such early stages, existing treatments can be used effectively, and the 5-year survival rate is about 90% or better.

In contrast, mammography, though equally effective in detecting breast cancer, is in many areas of the world expensive, difficult to obtain, and objectionable to many women particularly in developing nations and traditional cultures worldwide. An inexpensive, readily available, and culturally acceptable form of screening such as Pulmostics’ breath testing can save at least 500,000 lives each year and prevent incalculable suffering and family distress.

Pulmostics is focused on easy, non-invasive detection of breast cancer, which is now the most often diagnosed cancer worldwide, accounting for up to 12% of all cancers in women. More than 2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. More than 640,000 women die each year worldwide from breast cancer mainly because their cancer was not diagnosed on time. It is Pulmostics’ hope, and that of all those who have contributed to its success, that as many as 500,000 of these women can be saved each year.

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