Quantum PMU Colors for Permanent Makeup

Quantum PMU Colors for Permanent Makeup

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quantum PMU Colors are specially formulated for permanent cosmetic professionals looking for the most exceptional cosmetic micro pigments on the market. This wide assortment of pigments provides permanent makeup artists with a wealth of choices suitable for any client’s skin tone, hair tone, or skin type. With Quantum PMU Colors, permanent makeup artists worldwide can rest assured that they are using one of the highest quality and safest PMU inks available.

Quantum PMU Colors creates the richest and creamiest pigments possible using only the highest quality ingredients. Each ingredient is selected from vegan sources, with none of the inks ever tested on animals. Every Quantum product is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in the US and sent for independent laboratory testing to ensure it meets the strictest standards for quality and safety. With that level of safety and quality and the wealth of long-lasting color selections, permanent makeup professionals trust Quantum as the ideal ink for cosmetic and paramedical applications.

Because of the remarkable qualities that make Quantum PMU Colors stand out, permanent makeup artists worldwide will be spoiled for choices when selecting from four categories of colors: Eyebrow and Eyeliner Permanent Inks, Permanent Lip Colors, Scalp Micro Pigmentation Inks, and Color Correctors.
Permanent Eyebrow and Permanent Eyeliner Pigments

Because these pigments have the highest degree of natural pigmentation, permanent makeup artists can provide a natural, flawless, long-lasting look using Quantum PMU Colors. With a broad range of shades from deep black to dirty blonde, permanent makeup professionals can achieve the perfect brow or eyeliner look for every client. These pigments are perfect for various permanent makeup applications, including permanent eyeliner, microblading, micro feathering, or powder brows.

Permanent Lip Colors

Whether a permanent makeup artist wants to provide bold luscious lip colors or help their clients achieve a healthy natural look on their lips, Quantum PMU Colors has the ideal permanent lip colors. Quantum PMU colors use ingredients from minerals sourced from the earth. The cruelty-free ingredients are strictly vetted and carefully balanced to achieve the creamiest and the richest selection of colors available for permanent makeup professionals.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Inks

Quantum PMU Colors are the perfect choice for any artist looking to help their clients achieve the look of a full and even hairline and scalp. With a high percentage of natural pigments manufactured under the strictest safety standards, these scalp micro-pigments are some of the longest-lasting and safest permanent scalp micro pigmentation inks to use, especially to provide sufferers of hair loss a natural and healthy look for their scalp.

Color Correctors and Areola Colors

For the trusted permanent makeup professional seeking to correct or fix common problems associated with inferior pigments or inadequate healing, Quantum PMU Colors has a variety of solutions to help. Whether they are dealing with permanent eyebrows that have faded to an unnatural orange or green, or just brows that have faded too fast, Quantum offers professionals beautiful and natural-looking permanent makeup solutions to remedy the problem.
Color correctors, in combination with other Quantum natural pigments, are also excellent for paramedical tattooing, such as areola restoration, covering and camouflaging scars, and hiding skin blemishes.
Quantum Platinum Label Permanent Makeup Inks

Permanent makeup professionals based in Europe can now provide clients with a broad selection of colors for permanent lip, eyebrow, eyeliner, and scalp micro pigmentation. The REACH-Compliant Platinum Label permanent makeup inks satisfy the stricter regulations imposed on tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments in early 2022. Today, as Quantum PMU Colors add more colors to the Platinum Label line, Europe-based permanent makeup artists will have greater versatility to meet the demands of their clients for both cosmetic and paramedical needs.

Using Quantum pigments is a great way to stand apart from the competition. Not only can professional permanent makeup artists achieve gorgeous and long-lasting results, but they can also rest assured that they are using a product that has been made with the welfare of animals and the earth in mind. For the eco-conscious permanent makeup professional looking for a range of colors that can fit any skin color or type, Quantum PMU Colors is the best choice.

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