A book packed with thriller, mystery, suspense, and romance on an island. Sit tight as Baggett keeps you guessing on an adventure of the underworld and murders.

OXNARD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — There’s no doubt that fans wait keenly for Jerry Bagget’s books. At the moment, he has three books, ‘The Blink of an Eye,’ ‘Life Gets in the Way,’ and ‘Sometimes Angel, Full Time Devil,’ which have become super hits.

According to the reviews, the fans cannot stop talking about the book, Blink of an Eye. The male protagonist, Dick McGown, crash-lands in the ocean near California’s Catalina Island. The residents save him, and he gets treated by a nurse, who he falls in love with. As the book proceeds, unsettling truths get discovered by McGown, which leads them to think about how both of them might be connected to the murders taking place on the Island. In classic Baggett’s style, the book goes through a rollercoaster of crime, mystery, thriller, and romance. Reviews such as the one mentioned below are proof of how the readers love Baggett’s work [spoilers ahead!]:

“Blink of an Eye is a well-written novel with many interesting layers that are constantly peeled away. The main storyline of Sam and Dick’s relationship has realistic dynamics, and the development of their characters as the story progressed was wonderful. In addition, many sub-plots were admirably weaved into the story. The terrifying character of Marino was superb; his actions were so heartless and chilling. The scene where one of Marino’s victims was trapped and tortured was hard-hitting and excellently written,” the review continued, “There are terrific moments of tension throughout, which made the plot an absolute page-turner. There are many emotional scenes as Sam has to face her past. In the Blink of an Eye by Jerry Baggett has a very clever plot with everything a good novel should have; romance, excitement, danger, and intrigue.”

Besides Blink of an Eye, Baggett has two more books called Sometimes Angel, full-Time Devil, and Life Gets in the Way. Both books are packed with electrifying thrillers filled with suspense, action, love, and terror.

Baggett’s love for the sea and for books and crime developed as he grew up on Cape Hatteras Island and along the Gulf Coast of Alabama. He moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Alabama, where he has split his time between a variety of business interests and his family’s love of diving and cruising the Barrier Islands of Southern California.

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About the Author:

Jerry Baggett is an international author, long-time Los Angeles businessman, and Southern California yachtsman. Growing up on Cape Hatteras Island, North Carolina, and the Gulf Coast of Alabama, he developed a love for the sea, books, and specific genres such as crime, mystery, and thriller with a touch of romance. His books receive love internationally and worldwide.

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