Mr. Spirituality provides relationship coaching to couples struggling to reignite the flames of love

CALABASAS, CA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2022 / — Marriage and Relationship Coach Jon Dabach is offering graduates of his 10-week Soul-Bonding Relationship Program a second honeymoon free of charge. Dabach, known as Mr. Spirituality, is a Certified Life Coach and provides struggling couples the chance to reignite waning feelings and rediscover the fading magic.

Graduates of the Relationship Program will be provided with a seven-night stay at a world-class resort for free. Dabach covers the price of the stay following the program’s completion. The resort vacation is oftentimes more expensive than the cost of the relationship coaching with Dabach.

“Once someone graduates from the 10-week program, I pay for them to have a second honeymoon,” Dabach said. “I pay for a seven-night stay at any one of thousands of resorts across the world. I believe in helping celebrate my students’ wins.”

Dabach began his journey as a Life Coach by training to become an Orthodox Rabbi in Jerusalem. During his journey, Dabach found a keen ability to help individuals through various issues with his unique spiritual approach to coaching. Even though his approach is based in spiritual philosophy, it isn’t an aspect of all sessions. In fact, over 30% of the Life Coach’s students are agnostic, atheist, or don’t align with any religious beliefs.

“People don’t have to believe in God to still have a sense that there is something bigger than them working in the universe,” Dabach explained. “That bigger thing is the force that helps drive relationships to new heights, and I teach people how to harness it.”

Dabach has worked with couples for over 10 years, oftentimes, pouring his heart into each session to help the relationship become more sustainable. The relationship program offered by Dabach is very different from traditional therapy. Dabach works with just one member of the couple rather than both.

The relationship coach has found that working with both individuals in the same session is a recipe for disaster. Couples end up arguing, making the sessions long, full of contention, and ineffective. By working with just one member of the couple, the individual can take the relationship by the reins.

Real impact can be made by just one individual who decides to transform the relationship. The change often lasts for years, as couples find a new lease on their relationship’s life. The chance to go on a second honeymoon then reaffirms the lessons individuals are taught through Dabach’s coaching.

The 10-week program provides students with weekly videos, virtual sessions, and daily homework that reinforces the methodology. Dabach also gives students support through email and a community portal.

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