In a continued effort to democratize access to immersive virtual events and meetings, Remo offers not-for-profit organizations free access to the platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2022 / — Today Remo is officially launching a program to allow qualifying not-for-profit organizations free access to its immersive engagement platform. Remo has been supporting not-for-profits and NGOs for years in their efforts to reach out to wider audiences using digital platforms.

“My mission has always been to humanize online experiences and help create meaningful connections across the globe. I wanted to give something back by leveraging the technology we’ve built, and what better way to do so than by letting nonprofits access our platform for free?” – Hoyin Cheung, Founder, and CEO of Remo

Not-for-profit organizations in the areas of Ukraine war and disaster relief, LBTGQ+, Women’s issues, DEI, parental/caregivers, and environmental issues can request free access using this link. Those organizations that qualify will receive a one-year license to create unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants each to help them reach wider audiences.

About Remo
Remo is an immersive event technology that helps create authentic conversations that drive meaningful relationships. In Remo, you simply walk around the floor and interact with other people! You can create your own stunning and eye-catching custom spaces to host all kinds of virtual gatherings – from global events to remote work meetings.

Hoyin Cheung