Patented Hand Strengthening Device the MyTryAngle

MyTryAngle Patented Hand Strengthening Device

Dr. Levi Harrison, Athlete and Humanitarian, Creator of the  MyTryAngle Hand Strengthening Device

Dr. Levi Harrison, Creator of the MyTryAngle Hand Strengthening Device

For those looking for an affordable and effective gift for Father’s Day The My Try-Angle is a fitness device to help fathers keep their hands in top condition

My mission is to heal, restore and rejuvenate with compassion and integrity. I am grateful to provide clinical and surgical support my patients as they return to an improved quality of life.”

— Dr. Levi Harrison

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 12, 2023/ — Father’s Day weekend is coming up and what better way to show dad how much you care, than by giving him a gift that will help him have stronger hands? Dr. Levi Harrison, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, has created a hand and forearm strengthening device that helps people to stretch and strengthen their hands, wrists and forearms. This could be an amazing gift for any dad who works hard and wants to have stronger hands. It is also great for athletes, bowlers, builders, golfers, musicians, gardeners, gamers, chefs and anyone who values having strong and capable hands. Dr. Levi Harrison is a humanitarian, and a fitness enthusiast himself, who has worked with many athletes and gamers and he believes that the My Try-Angle device could help them to improve their performance.

Scientific studies show that physical health improves mental health and vice versa. Humans tend to be more productive and balanced when they feel strong and capable, and men especially value and rely on their physical strength and vitality for daily activities from work to hobbies, and the ability to perform these activities without pain can greatly affect one’s mood and physical health.

Dr. Levi, known as “The Gamers and E-sports Doctor” created the Try-Angle after witnessing how pain and unnecessary injury can disrupt life’s work and passion. After more than a decade of extensive design, research, and experimentation, The My Try-Angle emerged as a simple and effective way that everyone can protect and strengthen their hands, wrists, and forearms. Early adopters and supporters range from elite athletes to computer-intensive professionals, who praise its benefits, whether recovering from injury or taking their professional performance to the next level.

This patented product is especially designed for anyone who works a lot with their hands, or has hobbies that require hand strength and repetitive movements . The price point is at $12.99 per device, and it is suggested to purchase two and use them simultaneously for an efficient hand workout, instructions include a combination of strength training, stretching and a form of “power yoga” for the hands, wrists, and elbows. A portion of all proceeds for the My Try-Angle goes to the Wounded Warrior Project and Special Olympics.


Dr. Levi Harrison has created numerous and highly popular videos on his YouTube channel and more training videos can be found at and at:

Dr. Levi has appeared as a medical authority on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, Fox TV, Studio 11, LA, and the KTLA Morning News. Dr. Levi has also been featured in multiple gaming communities including Yahoo Games, Kotaku, Geek & Sundry, Vice’s Motherboard, Machinima, IGN, XM Radio, Gizmo Media, WIRED Magazine, Slate Magazine, and countless others for his groundbreaking work preventing repetitive stress injury in the competitive expanding ESPORTS universe.

Dr. Levi Harrison earned his medical degree at the University of California at Davis, School of Medicine and completed a fellowship at the internationally renowned Indiana Hand Center in Indianapolis. He completed his Orthopedic Surgery residency in Los Angeles where he now resides and sees patients.

Dr. Harrison’s practice is the center of excellence for sports-related upper extremity and shoulder injuries, as well as hand rehabilitation. He has a special interest in hand and wrist trauma and fracture care. He also provides exceptional care in the area of repetitive motion, work-related injuries, and aesthetic and restorative hand function procedures.

Dr. Harrison’s medical practice serves a culturally diverse population of elite collegiate and professional athletes, celebrities, and service personnel that includes fire fighters, police officers, armed service personnel, teachers, secretaries, artists, and musicians. He offers a wide variety of customized weight loss and training modules to assist patients in attaining their lifestyle and fitness goals. In addition to being an avid sports enthusiast, fitness expert, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, he hosts a weekly radio show on LA Talk radio.

Dr. Harrison has developed his skills during more than two decades of education and training, and as such, he finds himself guided by three core values: commitment, compassion, and service, which he shares in his life and daily practice.

In his own words: “My mission is to heal, restore and rejuvenate with compassion and integrity. I am grateful to provide clinical and surgical excellence to support my patients as they return to an improved quality of life. My involvement in the community extends beyond my practice into the lives of those I serve through motivation, fitness and healthy living and weight management presentations.”

Dr. Harrison is the author of the book titled “The Art of Fitness, A Journey to Self Enhancement.” Published in 2011.
The Art of Fitness: A Journey to Self Enhancement: Dr. Levi Harrison: 9781937061821: Books

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