RestoGPT lets restaurants generate full-fledged online delivery storefronts by simply submitting their menu.

RestoGPT lets restaurants generate full-fledged online delivery storefronts by simply submitting their menu.

The first-of-its-kind AI tool, RestoGPT, allows restaurants to generate a commission-free online ordering website with delivery by simply submitting their menu.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 7, 2023/ — RestoGPT, the first AI-powered online ordering storefront builder for restaurants, has officially launched. Now, independent and small-to-medium (SMB) restaurants and chains can easily create a custom, commission-free direct online ordering storefront by simply submitting their menu, with the power of generative AI.

Just by submitting their online menu, a restaurant will receive a full-fledged online storefront with pre-built payment processing, on-demand delivery driver fleets, synchronized menu management, an AI order and delivery manager, marketing tools, CRM, customer reviews, universal POS and sales channel (30+, including: third-party apps like UberEats and GrubHub, discovery apps like Google and Yelp) integrations, and much more.

Previously, SMB restaurants would require 1-2 months to set up their own online ordering system, and pay countless setup costs, monthly subscriptions, and even commission fees. RestoGPT has completely revolutionized this process.

With RestoGPT, a restaurant fills out their details in minutes and receives the ready-made online ordering storefront in a few hours – fully hands-off and with no setup, monthly, or commission fees.

However, RestoGPT does not only save time for restaurants in creating an online ordering storefront – it provides all built-in tools for an SMB restaurant to operate competitively online with the major, nationwide restaurant brands and franchises, including virtual support managers as the future of AI workforce.

RestoGPT is powered by Orderbyte, the AI automation platform for local restaurant online ordering and delivery. Their mission is to “empower SMB restaurants to profit from and scale their online sales effortlessly by leveraging automation and AI. In doing so, RestoGPT is one of the many AI-powered tools and features that Orderbyte is releasing for their partner restaurants to level the competitive playing field when it comes to online ordering and delivery.

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