California Company’s Product Increases Incentive to Return to Work Post-Covid

LOS GATOS, CA, USA, June 8, 2023/ — Everyone has experienced the uncomfortable situation of waiting outside a locked restroom door wondering if the person inside is having trouble with their health. This scenario occurs more often than most people realize. There is considerable cost in lost productivity. Distracted customers have less time to browse store aisles and make purchases. Restaurants have slower table turnover. Office environments have employees waiting in long restroom lines, which decreases time at their desks.

This new restroom-occupied indicator features easy viewing from a distance, which shows whether a single stall restroom is occupied. The light increases productivity and decreases costs by saving all workers and custodial staff time, and enhances employee safety by reducing and eliminating restroom lines. With businesses continuing to upgrade their facilities to entice a returning workforce, building owners are looking for new ways to keep their customers, suppliers, and employees safe and happy.

According to Heads Up Lock Company owner Bruce Roberts, “Business owners and office managers are asking, ‘Am I portraying the professional image and standards I want for my workforce and business environment? Are there any new restroom products that will increase their comfort level while maintaining productivity?”

The Heads Up Lock indicator light mounts on the wall or ceiling outside of the restroom. This device can even be displayed in another room or multiple locations. The light turns red when the restroom is occupied and green when the restroom is available. Lights are easy-to-see from a distance. Thus, lines outside of the restroom are reduced. The time lost from restroom breaks can be significant when employees have to wait in line.

“Until now, there has been little office management could do to address their employees’ basic needs to use the restroom. You’ve heard the phrase knowledge is power”, states Roberts. Giving the employee the power to make their own decision of when to go greatly reduces workplace anxiety and provides more options.

The Heads Up Lock indicator is affordable, easy-to-install, and 100% accurate. Accuracy is essential, since confidence can quickly fade if there are errors. Infrared and motion sensors can produce false readings, which creates doubt in the minds of consumers. Once doubt occurs, regaining confidence is difficult.

The lock device is a trusted workplace ally. Once installed, there is no maintenance required. A kit includes everything needed to install by a qualified handyman. This low-risk investment shows how much management is dedicated to the welfare and comfort of their employees.


Located 80 miles south of San Francisco on the edge of Silicon Valley, Heads Up Lock Company was founded by Bruce Roberts in 2015. Roberts developed the device to prevent unnecessary and frustrating trips to a bathroom, which is in use. The lights start at around $200 and meet ADA requirements. Today, the device is growing in popularity. The system is in coffee shops, shopping malls and even the stock exchange floor of One World Trade Center. The indicator can be used for all single-stall restrooms, such as offices, commercial buildings, restaurants, manufacturing plants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hair salons, medical clinics, banks, and schools.

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