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Rever – Find, Implement, and Quantify Cost Savings

Rever features for quantifying financial impact

Rever – Translate operational improvements into validated financial gains

Rever Insights to multiply savings with AI

Rever – Multiply productivity and savings with the power of AI

New features enable manufacturers to quantify, validate, and amplify financial gains from Operational Improvement efforts

Through our platform, our clients leverage AI in a pragmatic way to tap into the collective genius of their global frontline workforce, transforming them into profit-enhancement agents.”

— Errette Dunn – CEO of Rever

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 27, 2023/ — Rever, the leading Frontline Action System for industrial companies, today announces the release of Frontline Impact, a set of powerful features that enable manufacturers to effortlessly identify, measure, and multiply cost savings with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. For years, Rever has been the preferred platform for enhancing performance and eliminating losses on the manufacturing shop floor. With the introduction of Frontline Impact, executives and financial controllers can now convert these improvements into tangible monetary value and significant savings.

Amidst rampant inflation, supply chain disruptions, and an impending recession, the manufacturing industry faces mounting pressure to reduce costs. According to some industry estimates, up to 20 cents out of every dollar spent by manufacturers are wasted due to minor inefficiencies in daily processes, resulting in over $8 trillion lost globally. Rever empowers manufacturers to save millions of dollars within months by addressing these losses and validating the financial gains achieved through operational improvement efforts in quality, safety, and productivity.

“While the manufacturing industry experiences one of its usual downturn cycles, today’s digital-native industrial executives understand that relying on past solutions, such as headcount reduction or offshoring, is no longer viable,” said Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever. “Through our platform, our clients leverage AI in a pragmatic way to tap into the collective genius of their global frontline workforce, transforming them into profit-enhancement agents.”

Rever’s “Frontline Impact” release extends the solution by introducing the following key features:

– Automatic currency conversion for global organizations
– One-click translation of content from 20 languages to facilitate cross-border collaboration
– Excel add-on: Seamlessly import Rever data without leaving Excel
– Inbox, notifications, and approval workflows for Financial Validators
– Specific inputs on operational KPIs impacted by a solution (e.g., downtime in minutes, energy units, MTTR, material scrap in weight, etc.)
– Chronological recurrence of impact (e.g., monthly, annually, one-time)
– Timeframe of impact: Start and end dates for financial recognition
– Categorization of impact (e.g., cost reduction, cost avoidance, etc.)
– Track and compare Estimated vs. Validated impact
– Real-time savings dashboards and downloadable reports

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