Riptide Makes 3-Way Text Available to Onfleet Customers

Riptide Makes 3-Way Text Available to Onfleet Customers

Drivers, dispatchers, and end customers team to resolve last-mile delivery issues instantly with a 3-way text conversation.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 / — Riptide, the first 3-way text messaging platform, has integrated with Onfleet, the fastest-growing provider of last-mile delivery management software. Onfleet users can now automatically connect dispatchers, drivers, and end-customers in the same text conversation to resolve delivery issues instantly and improve customer satisfaction dramatically.

“Last-mile delivery is a huge challenge for merchants, and they want to control the end-customer experience,” said Doug Marinaro, Co-founder and CEO of Riptide. “Riptide enhances Onfleet’s management of last-mile delivery to enable delivery operations to resolve issues collaboratively with end-customers and drivers before they become reattempts or support tickets. We’re excited to bring 3-way text first to the Onfleet ecosystem.”

Riptide replaces support tickets and phone calls with patent-pending 3-way SMS text technology. With Riptide, the delivery notification becomes a 3-way conversation starter. End-customers can reply over text to both the dispatcher and driver. Dispatchers and drivers team up to engage the customer, resolving issues instantly and transparently. Customer satisfaction goes up as phone calls and handle times go down.

With Riptide, Onfleet customers can now eliminate miscommunication and converse with end-customers at scale while improving performance and dispute resolution.

Eliminate miscommunication:
– Everyone gets the message with SMS open rates of 98% in less than 3 minutes.
– Everyone is in on the conversations with drivers, dispatchers, and end-customers in the same thread.
– Dispatchers are alerted when end-customers respond and are always in control with the ability to add or drop drivers from conversations as needed.
– Local stores, merchants, warehouses, and others outside of delivery operations get visibility with dashboards showing conversations in real time.

Converse with end-customers at scale:
– Set events in Onfleet to trigger conversations or additional messages.
– Configure whether Riptide engages the dispatcher, the driver, or both to respond to the end-customer.
– Customize message templates used by drivers and dispatchers with Onfleet metadata.

Improve performance and dispute resolution:
– All conversations with drivers, end-customers, and dispatchers are archived and cross-referenced with Onfleet metadata for easy access.
– Analytics on read times, wait times, and response times can be correlated with end-customer satisfaction and used to coach team members.

As a result, for end-customers, every delivery is white-glove as drivers deliver the first time and delivery operations are calmer, quicker, and more in control:

For End-customers, every delivery is white-glove:
– End-customers can share critical instructions, updates, or corrections with drivers and dispatchers instantly and easily.
– Issues are resolved in minutes instead of waiting hours for needless discussion between parties.
– No more waiting in phone call queues or navigating endless call trees.
– End-customers get peace of mind knowing they can instantly communicate with all the right delivery resources.

For Drivers, deliver it right the first time:
– Drivers can reach end-customers when exceptions arise like wrong address, gate code required, or signature required.
– Drivers and dispatchers tag team to be more responsive to the end-customer.
– Deliveries are more efficient, with fewer reattempts.
– Happier drivers and more profitable deliveries lead to reduced turnover.

For Delivery, operations are calmer, quicker, and more in control
– Inbound call volume drops as communication shifts to 10x more efficient text conversations.
– Issue resolution times drop to minutes from hours when drivers, end-customers, and dispatchers are all in the same conversation.
– Dispatchers can see, engage, and control the conversation between drivers and customers.

About Riptide
Riptide is the first and only 3-way text messaging platform that brings end-customers, drivers, and dispatchers together in the same conversation to resolve issues instantly. Riptide’s patent-pending 3-way text messaging platform is used today by leading companies in service and delivery, with over 4 million conversations conducted. Riptide is backed by leading angel and venture investors, including NFX, I2BF, and K5 Global. Learn more here.

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