RowBotAI personalized AI telephony chatbots

RowBotAI personalized AI telephony chatbots

The first-ever telephony AI voice chatbot for Google Meet and Zoom.

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, June 14, 2023/ — RowBotAI Launches Innovative Telephony AI Voice Chatbot for Google Meet and Zoom, Revolutionizing Virtual Conferencing

RowBotAI, the leading provider of telephony generative AI voice chatbots for communication networks such as call and service centers is proud to announce the introduction of its latest innovation: The first-ever telephony AI voice chatbot for Google Meet and Zoom. This cutting-edge solution empowers every conference participant with on-demand access to an AI call agent powered by Chat GPT and other Large Language Models. It revolutionizes the way conversations unfold during virtual meetings.

“Now every audio and video conference can include a low-cost call agent able to answer questions in real-time on any subject,” said Ken Kalb, CEO of RowBotAI. “We are the first in the industry to provide a conversational AI chatbot that speaks empathetically, is a subject matter expert, and listens attentively,” Kalb continued. Now every meeting has an authoritative AI call agent to answer nearly every question imaginable.

Key Features of RowBotAI’s Telephony AI Voice Chatbot:

Real-time Assistance: Participants in Google Meet and Zoom conferences can now leverage the power of RowBotAI’s AI technology to augment their conversations. The AI call agent listens in real-time, offering valuable insights, answering questions, and providing support, all through voice-based interactions.

On-demand AI: With just a simple telephone dial-in number, users can activate the call agent during a virtual conference, instantly gaining access to a knowledgeable and responsive AI assistant. This feature enables dynamic and productive discussions, regardless of the topic at hand.

Topics might include conversations on science, mathematics, art, law, accounting, finance, agriculture, health, beauty, medicine, diet, education, fashion, transportation, engineering, aviation, energy, computers, technical support, customer service, programming, history, government, and politics to name a few.

Enhanced Collaboration: The telephony AI voice chatbot fosters enhanced collaboration by facilitating instant information retrieval, helping participants find relevant resources, clarifying doubts, and offering suggestions in real time. This seamless integration of AI-driven chat capabilities enhances productivity and decision-making during virtual meetings.

Personalized Experiences: RowBotAI’s Telephony AI Voice Chatbot adapts to individual preferences and contextual cues. Through predefined context settings, the call agent can respond to specific requirements for the meeting attendees.

Email Summaries: The meeting host can request a summary of the entire conversation from the virtual audio and video virtual conference.

By introducing this groundbreaking solution, RowBotAI continues to redefine the possibilities of AI-driven communication technologies. Organizations of all sizes can now leverage the power of generative AI during Google Meet and Zoom virtual conferences, enabling more efficient and engaging discussions.

“Our telephony AI voice chatbot represents a significant step forward in revolutionizing virtual meetings,” said Ken Kalb, CEO of RowBotAI. “By integrating our advanced AI technology into popular audio and video conferencing platforms, we aim to enhance collaboration, improve decision-making, and elevate the overall conference experience for users worldwide.”

RowBotAI’s telephony AI voice chatbot is available for immediate integration with Google Meet and Zoom platforms. To learn more about RowBotAI and its suite of AI-powered communication solutions, please visit for a free thirty-day trial.

About RowBotAI:

RowBotAI is the leading provider of telephony generative AI voice chatbots for call centers specializing in customer success, service, and support. The company is the first in the world to provide AI voice-centric personalized conversational commerce.

With a mission to transform communication experiences, RowBotAI leverages state-of-the-art generative AI technologies to enhance engagement, streamline interactions, and empower organizations with powerful conversational AI solutions. Their innovative offerings cater to various industries, including customer support, sales, and virtual meetings.

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