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SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, November 22, 2022 / — To save homeowners from bad tree care companies, Sacramento Tree Professionals earlier today announced that the company had reduced its service charges. According to the CEO, bad and fake tree care professionals use low prices to attract clients.

“The tree care industry is growing very fast and new tree care companies are emerging now and then,” said the CEO during the announcement. “Most of these companies are not qualified to handle trees. They do not have certificates to prove their ability in dealing with trees. What’s more? They lack the required experience. The only way for these companies to win clients, in a competitive industry is by offering cheap services. Millions of homeowners fall for the trap and make their bookings with the fake tree professionals, hoping to save some coins. However, in the end, it turns out to be the opposite. The homeowner ends up spending more than what he/she would have used (if he reached out to real tree care professionals in the first place) to rectify the damages caused by bad services. Some even lose their trees. To prevent this from happening, Sacramento Tree Professionals has decided to reduce its charges to a fee affordable by even the struggling tree owners.”

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The CEO revealed that the new move to reduce the service charges called for the introduction of a few free services.

“To make sure that clients are spending the smallest amount possible,” said the CEO, “Sacramento Tree Professionals has introduced free quotation and consultation. In the past, clients had to pay to receive a quotation or any consultation. Removing these charges is the biggest win for homeowners in Sacramento and its suburbs. The money they would have otherwise used to pay for quotation or consultation will be used to pay for the tree care service needed.”

The CEO also revealed that Sacramento Tree Professionals went to the extent of spending thousands of dollars to see to it that millions of trees are saved from bad services.

“Sacramento Tree Professionals was ready to take all those risks that would help to save homeowners from bad tree care services thus saving the trees,” noted the CEO. “One of the risks involved was investing thousands of dollars to make the reduction of service charges a success. Sacramento Tree Professionals replaced all its working equipment and tools with brand new more developed ones. This will make the work quicker and much easier, hence demanding less payment. The company also recruited a few more employees to handle as many jobs as possible at the same time. This will save the employees from overworking thus demanding less payment from the company. The company will reciprocate the same by demanding less payment from the clients.”
The CEO noted that the new step will help to show homeowners what good tree care service means. He also urged homeowners looking for affordable tree care services to reach out to Sacramento Tree Professionals.

“If a homeowner has been using the fake tree professionals,” said the CEO, “he/she will understand what his trees have been missing after using Sacramento Tree Professionals.”

The CEO noted that his team is not just equipped with modern tools but also has experienced teams that are passionate about tree care. He noted that this combination will transform urban forests in Sacramento.

Sacramento Tree Professionals offices are physically located at 5815 Muldrow Rd Sacramento, CA, 95841. To make bookings via call, reach the company at +1 916-713-3925. Homeowners can also communicate with the company through this email address;

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