New Earphone – No screen – Eyes and Hands Free

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2023 / — Safe Call – EarPhone – Eyes and hands-free, new mobile phone invention… the newest smart phone.

There is a global distracted driving and walking crisis that endangers everyone 24/7.

ASF, the leader in driving safety research since 1988, promotes international life-saving research and IP at Now this year ASF is introducing Safe Call – EarPhone an amazing new hands and eyes-free mobile phone invention.

Today, there are six billion mobile phones in use by people driving and walking.

A decade ago, to help address this global distracted driving and walking public safety crisis, ASF introduced, “Safe Call” voice technology IP,, for banks, businesses, and government, to update the hazardous and obsolete AI text messaging prompt requests, and have had success with Capital One, US Bank, and more businesses (presently ASF is corresponding with the IRS concerning fine-tuning their public 800-number introduction of voice technology) that have chosen to utilize Safe Call on their public 800 and public phone lines. Along with the new Safe Call – EarPhone, ASF, also seeks a broker/agent for Safe Call IP for business.

ASF is introducing the new Safe Call- EarPhone …the newest phone invention, that currently has a provisional patent. This new phone can save lives, reduce injury, help promote public health (and healthier child development) student safety, and assist the blind and disabled to make calls. Since the phone aids the disabled, and public safety, it should be offered by all major carriers. Additionally, since it has no screen there are way fewer parts, it is compact, and much more affordable. The Safe Call – EarPhone new mobile phone (Patent Pending) developed over the course of 34 years of ASF safety research, is essential for public safety and the huge global marketplace.

ASF is seeking a company manufacturer, or a patent/ IP broker, that can secure the best manufacturer or license sale (offering a percentage of the sale). Please contact ASF at

Safe-Call – Earphone…the newest smart phone.

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