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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2022 / — The company sources its seafood supply from local fishermen and sustainable farmers allowing it to maintain a consistent and dependable supply of fresh and quality seafood to wholesalers, associates, and customers.

Safe Coast Seafoods, a seafood processing and exporting company, has recently offered all kinds of fresh, premium-quality fish seafood in wholesale to major markets and distributors operating in the Bay Area. Working with an expansive network of local fishermen and sustainable farmers, the company has over 250 years of cumulative industry experience and has remained as one the most trusted and dependable seafood suppliers in the area.

Operating from 4 HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified locations along the west coast, Safe Coast Seafoods processes and supplies a wide variety of seafoods which include Albacore, black cod, clams, Dungeness crabs, ling cod, mussels, oysters, pacific rockfish, and salmon, all of which are harvested and caught locally. As a premier provider of consistent supply of quality seafood, the fresh seafood wholesale supplier company has been vital in sustaining and developing multiple seafood wholesalers and distributors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What makes the San Francisco based wholesale seafood supplier so successful has been their in-depth knowledge of seasons and incredible logistics for efficient delivery. With proper planning and management, the company has been able to support customers even during off seasons of certain seafood items. Staying true to their commitment to meeting the demands of customers, Safe Coast Seafoods has built a reputation for timely and reliable delivery with transparent information on pricing, shipping cost, and product quality. This has allowed the company to provide an effective solution to major challenges commonly encountered in the seafood industry which include uncertain supply and demand, inconsistent quality, and volatile prices.

The wholesale seafood company operates 6 days a week and can be contacted any time of the day or night. Due to its excellent performance in the US market, the company has received recognition from international seafood retailers all over the world. This has not only been beneficial for the company but has been vital for promoting seafood sourced from the US in the international market.

Speaking about their commitment to helping customers, the company’s president Chris Lam said, “ We understand that running a seafood business can be stressful. Seafood retailers and wholesalers constantly face uncertainty in supply and demand, volatile prices, and inconsistent quality of seafood products. At Safe Coast Seafoods, with over 250 years of combined experience, our team of professionals has offered solutions to these challenges by providing transparent updates on quantity and prices, following up on orders and requests timely, and offering sustainable seafood solutions so that we do not destroy the ecology that produces the seafood. We are the definitive answer to all your ‘wholesale seafood near me’ Google searches who can deliver exactly what your business needs.”

About Safe Coast Seafoods: Founded in 2020, Safe Coast Seafoods is a seafood wholesaler and exporter that supplies a wide variety of products to distributors mainly in San Francisco Bay Area, and also internationally.

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