Salletone Wallet

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 21, 2023/ — Salletone Wallet is the world’s first “mnemonic phrase + salt” hardware cold wallet. Salletone Wallet consists of a hardware storage device and a wallet asset management app.

The Salletone Wallet hardware device is used to protect and store the private keys of cryptocurrencies and perform signature verification when transferring digital assets on the blockchain. The ownership of users’ assets always remains in their hands, and the private keys are only stored on users’ wallet device.

With the Salletone App, users can easily view the amount of digital assets on any designated node. If users want to transfer encrypted assets on a node, they must obtain signature authorization from the hardware device to complete the transfer successfully. The Salletone App only sends asset transfer requests to the blockchain based on users’ instructions and does not store any form of cryptocurrency or independently complete the transfer of encrypted assets.

Sallet One, secure enough:

· 100% offline storage of wallet devices
Disconnect from all network connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, etc. Any connected device carries the risk of being hacked or infected by viruses.

· Fully open-source wallet code
Salletone has open-sourced the complete wallet system source code. It undergoes verification of wallet security by global users and technical developers. GitHub >

· Decentralized design, non-custodial
Asset control is entirely in users’ hands. Even if the device is damaged or lost, or Sallet One ceases operation, users can recover the wallet using the mnemonic phrase.

· Not afraid of mnemonic phrase leakage
Salletone supports creating a wallet using “mnemonic phrase + salt,” requiring both the correct mnemonic phrase and salt value to restore an identical wallet.

About Salletone
Salletone is a blockchain crypto-asset protector, it is a completely blank offline hardware wallet that only relies on QR codes to transfer data, does not require any network transfer devices (such as USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth), and is 100% protected from hacker attacks. Atelas Solutions Group, Inc. holds the exclusive trademark rights for “Salletone,” as granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Sallet One‘s official trademark registration number is 90798384, ensuring the legal right of company to use the “Salletone” name in all our branding and promotional efforts.

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