white pickup truck full of old dirty mattresses headed to landfill, aka

Truck full of mattresses headed to landfill, aka “the dump”

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Mattresses in landfills are a “global nightmare”

Landfill mattresses are a global nightmare. We hope our free guide will help people make responsible decisions when it comes to getting rid of their old mattress.”

— Denise Pummer | VP Marketing

PASADENA, CA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In honor of Earth Day, SAMINA Sleep offers a free mattress recycling and disposal guide. Annually, the Mattress Recycling Council estimates more than 20 million mattresses are sent to the dump just in the United States. Those mattresses can take years to decompose and take up a lot of space, according to the Canadian Mattress Recycling organization. Thus, landfill mattresses have become a “global nightmare” as The Guardian proclaimed in their 2020 article, “The mattress landfill crisis: how the race to bring us better beds led to a recycling nightmare.”

Yet, getting rid of a used mattress is not easy nor is recycling one. The typical components include some natural materials like wool and cotton but also polyurethane foams, polyesters, and, depending on the manufacturer, up to 1,000 steel coil springs. Recycling a mattress requires separating the individual materials which is very labor and energy intensive process. Thus, there are few places to recycle a used mattress. Yet, many people want to do the right thing but don’t know where to start. That’s where SAMINA Sleep, an eco-friendly mattress brand committed to sustainability and consumer education, comes in. Their guide, “How to Get Rid of Old Mattresses” is filled with practical advice and available to download free from their website. It’s just one more way that SAMINA is working to protect the environment.

As concerns about climate change and pollution mount, many people want to buy “greener” products but don’t know where to start. Denise Pummer, co-owner and Vice President of Marketing says, “We are proud to be a certified Green America Business and are committed to reducing the number of mattresses in landfills. We hope that by providing this free guide, we can help people make responsible decisions when it comes to getting rid of their old mattresses.”

When it comes to a bed, there are more important questions to ask other than how firm or soft it is. Although environmental pollution is worrisome, it’s also a top concern that some mattresses can pollute the air and cause harm to humans. The Environmental Working Group produces a Healthy Living: Home Guide to help consumers select heathier mattresses. SAMINA recommends savvy consumers ask questions when selecting a new mattress:

• Is it durable?
• What’s the manufacturing process?
• Is the product made from sustainable materials?
• Does the brand have organic or sustainable certifications?
• Does the mattress contain chemicals that may be harmful to humans or pets?

SAMINA is committed to sustainable business practices and consumer education. We are pleased to offer our free guide, “How to Get Rid of Old Mattresses,” so people can responsibly recycle and dispose of their used mattresses. The guide is free and available today to download from our website – https://saminasleep.com/mattress-recycling-guide

Learn more and download the guide from our blog, “MATTRESS POLLUTION: A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL NIGHTMARE

Since it was founded in 1989, SAMINA has been making organic mattresses and natural sleep products in Europe by hand. Made entirely from sustainable organic materials in a carbon neutral production facility, the SAMINA healthy sleep system is designed in layers for supremely satisfying back support, comfort, and, most importantly, healthy sleep. Patented sleep technologies include SAMINA slats for spinal support, the Lokosana™ grounding pad for sleep, gravity inclined beds, and more! SAMINA is the brand of choice for health-conscious people concerned about the environment.

The only SAMINA store in North America is in Pasadena, California. Natural by Design, Corp D/B/A/ SAMINA Sleep is the exclusive North American importer of SAMINA brand products since 1998. The boutique showroom is open by appointment and the online store is open 24/7 with shipping available throughout the USA and Canada.

For more information about SAMINA Sleep, please visit their website at www.saminasleep.com

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