A look at some of the med bed type technologies available including plasma energy spheres and terahertz wands

“Med bed” type technologies now being offered to the public

A big blue terahertz wand model being pointed at a door and showing light and frequencies

Terahertz wands and terahertz wand models using light and frequency based technologies

A woman lays down on the Anti Aging bed Cover while using the Tesla healing paddles

A woman lays down on the Anti Aging bed Cover while using the Tesla healing paddles

Terahertz wands and plasma “med bed” type technology are starting to make their way to the public. A San Diego company is now offering this medbed technology.

Terahertz wands, plasma energy spheres and anti aging bed covers some of the new med bed type technology being showcased to assist with pain, soreness and other health and wellness conditions.”

— Gloria Flores

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Med beds and “med bed” type technology has started to catch the public eye as a science fiction type of technology that apparently exists but yet very few if any are familiar with. These so-called “med beds” offer a wide range of benefits using a variety of technologies to assist with a myriad of health and wellness-related issues.

A San Diego-based company is now providing many of these new technologies to med spas, wellness centers, and the general public. These devices and technology are using frequencies and energy to assist cells and the body in recovery and rejuvenation. Some of the new products and technologies being brought out to the public include terahertz wands, plasma wave generators, and anti-aging bed covers.

Anti-aging bed covers may be one of the more simple yet powerful technology products being offered with earthing, grounding, and FAR infrared. These bed covers assist the body with removing EMF radiation, providing electrons, and neutralizing free radicals along with improved circulation and increased energy with ATP production. The anti-aging bed covers work by just laying down on the cover and the effects with better sleep and recovery are some of the most reported benefits people are experiencing.

Another very fast and popular technology includes terahertz wands which are frequency-based devices that look and work much like a hair dryer but also provide terahertz, quantum scaler, and quartz crystal frequencies and technology. This frequency coming from the wand assists the body with cellular function, detoxification, cellular regeneration, and circulation. The technologies assist the body with all types of health and wellness issues including stiffness, soreness, arthritis, joint pain, kidney functions, gums and mouth, and all types of skin-related issues including wrinkles, Psoriasis, acne, rashes, and more.

“The terahertz wands are quickly becoming a top seller and are assisting people with Osteoperosis, tumors, activating dormant stem cells, hair growth, and more. These small devices are not just beneficial for the body but are also used to “charge water”, where the energy from the wand is pointed into the water and the structure of the water is altered to enhance hydration.

When it comes to more powerful med bed-type technologies plasma-based technology is one of the most popular. Plasma is created when gas is charged with enough energy to convert it from gas to plasma. Plasma is what the sun is made of along with lightning and many people including Nikola Tesla have worked with plasma energy for over one hundred years ago. Plasma energy can also be turned into specific frequencies to address very specific cells and health conditions. Many other pioneers including Royal Rife spent years finding the frequencies that cells would resonate at and how plasma could affect the removal of bad cells and promote the health of good cells. The San Diego-based company has a wide variety of plasma-based technology products including “plasma energy spheres” which create a plasma energy field that people can sit into to absorb the plasma energy. Products like the plasma energy spheres are actually creating a live and intelligent energy field that goes back into more science fiction with fact-based physics.

“As more of these plasma and med bed type technologies make their way public GMG Medical will keep finding them and showcasing them as options for improved health and wellness”, said GMG Medical CEO Gloria Flores. “We are finding a wide level of interest with the terahertz wands and other plasma technology products which people are using for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lyme disease, and many other ailments”. she said. “These products are ideal for assisting with many health issues but also maintaining good health, which is just as important”.

With a growing number of Americans dealing with back pain, poor sleep and other types of health conditions these new frequencies and energy-type devices are becoming more and more popular. Prices on many of the technology devices are surprisingly affordable with terahertz wands starting at $350 and bed covers with silver thread starting at $695. Plasma spheres and plasma-based technology products are also going down in price and start at just $3,500.

For more information on these med bed-type technology products and more visit the website at www.usamedbed.com or call GMG Medical at (858) 922-6862. Terahertz wands, plasma spheres, and anti-aging bed covers are classified as health and wellness devices and not medical devices. These devices do not make any claims to cure any disease. These devices should never be substituted for seeing a medical professional for any type of health conditions.

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