Gaston Martinez, the founder of IZO, honors the uncompromising spirit of its people with a sustainable collection rooted in Mexican heritage

SAN DIEGO , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , September 26, 2022 / — In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, toast to the uncompromising, authentic soul of a smooth, clean taste of IZO Spirit’s perfected over generations. Co-founder of IZO Spirits, Gaston Martinez encourages his community and beyond to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans whose ancestors were of Mexican descent.

Martinez has Incorporated his family traditions into a collection of premium, handcrafted agave spirits made sustainably in the heart of rural Durango according to centuries of tradition. IZO’s team is deeply rooted in community values and cultural heritage and produces an inspired collection of spirits, including an award-winning Mezcal, while upholding and preserving a proud legacy of partnership with the land and its resources.

With each year, Martinez and his team push the IZO line to new heights, honoring his culture while sharing the premium line with the world. IZO is crossing borders to share a tradition that takes years to perfect, smokey and distinctive flavors are now available in Mexico and Canada.

“Mezcal, a symbol of festivity and unadulterated joy of life, served as the foundation of IZO, explains Martinez. “The preservation of valuable resources, the welfare of our neighborhood, and the ways in which our product honors its historical narrative are all parts of the proud heritage we want to bring to San Diego and the rest of the world. As we work to expand our handcrafted selection, we’re always paying close attention to these things.”

As a company, IZO is founded on the idea that the strength of its operations is reliant on the welfare of the region and its citizens. Martinez and his team make it a priority to continue the cultural practice of supporting local and global communities.

Visit to learn more about IZO’s dedication to conserving and advancing a Mexican tradition that places a focus on building strong communities, enjoying each day, and appreciating accomplishments. Online retailers now offer an expanding selection of IZO agave spirits, including Mezcal Joven, Mezcal Ensamble, Mezcal Reposado, Mezcal Anejo, Sotol, Bacanora, and Tequila Extra Anejo Cristalino, that are sustainably manufactured. Discover the proud tradition of flawlessly balancing flavor that is sustainably distilled “from ground to glass” while also tasting it. For an interview with company Co-founder Gaston Martinez, contact Jessi Kopach at

About IZO Spirits:
Co-founded by Gaston Martinez – a native of Durango, Mexico – IZO Spirits is a collection of premium, handcrafted agave spirits produced sustainably right in the heart of his rural hometown according to centuries of tradition. Made sustainably from slow-roasted, wild agave hearts harvested on local ranches, every sip of award-winning IZO Mezcal speaks to generations of Mezcaleros bringing people together around shared values of community, celebration, and savoring the reward of a job well done. Every aspect of IZO Spirits pays respect to its point of origin, from the locally-sourced Onyx featured atop the bottle to the elegant, minimalist design that allows the flavorful spirit within to shine. The pure, sophisticated taste of IZO Mezcal tells the story of centuries’ old Mexican tradition and of one man’s vision to share it with the world. Learn more about the IZO Spirits collection of handcrafted agave spirits at

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