Hinsdale Township High School D86, IL

VDI Driving Simulators Proven to Reinforce Classroom Curriculum and Increase Knowledge Retention

VDI driving simulators are a more efficient strategy to combat the distracted driving issue.”

— Janelle Marconi, Hinsdale Township High School, IL

EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Virtual Driver Interactive (VDI), the leading provider of simulation-based driver training solutions, today announced that thousands of school systems nationwide have incorporated VDI driving simulators into their driver education curriculum. Teachers and students alike have discovered that VDI simulator training imparts knowledge and skills to novice drivers that transfers to real world driving.

Recent education industry wins include Hinsdale Township High School D86 in Illinois, Turtle Mountain in ND, Anoka Hennepin School District in MN and Grants Cibola in NM to name a few.

Janelle Marconi, District Department Chair at Hinsdale Township High School D86 Illinois was able to replace an aging fleet of simulators with 27 VDI desktop simulators by working with the district’s Chief Financial Officer. Both Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South use the ‘learn, practice and apply’ curriculum model and appreciated the support of the district and Board of Education to provide this learning experience to over 320 students.

“The VDI simulators have been a very positive learning experience for our students and are a more efficient strategy to combat the distracted driving issue,” said Janelle.

Anoka Hennepin School District in Minnesota recently replaced their aging driving simulators with 40 new, 34″ monitor desktop simulators.

“This is a great way for new drivers to learn without being out on the roads,” said Chad Fellows, Driver Education Coordinator. “Many students don’t even know what the difference between the accelerator and brake are, so the simulators are a great place to start. Imagine these students not knowing this information in a car versus the simulators. Each student is able to spend 8 hours on the simulators in a variety of real life situations without the risk of injury. What a benefit to the student, families and everyone on the roads. After much research, VDI was the best option available to help our students be the best drivers possible.”

The Grants/Cibola County School District in New Mexico purchased 10 desktop simulators with Virtual Driving Essentials software. The driving simulators were allocated to each of the two high schools in the district: Grants High School and Laguna Acoma High School.

“The VDI driving simulators have been beneficial in helping students understand the day-to-day tasks of driving a car in various conditions,” said Lane Widner, Principal. “Community leaders have been in and are impressed with the technology. The simulators are very good at teaching kids how to drive safely by showing them the consequences of distracted driving. As a former driver education teacher, I would have loved to have had this technology in my classroom to teach my students real world simulated driving.”

The Virtual Driving Essentials training program is a complete driver training curriculum in a single semester. It provides broad, consistent and measurable training for all students. With 50+ miles of drivable areas, it provides a nearly limitless combination of unique driving scenarios. These include all types of roads, weather conditions, day/night, traffic patterns, pedestrians, animals and complex scenarios. The VDI driving simulators introduce “real world” obstacles, conditions and distractions to students in a safe and controlled driving environment. The simulators include a software training program called Virtual Driving Essentials which provides an immersive learning experience teaching teens the critical skills essential to safe driving. The simulators provide a realistic on-the-road experience by using real car parts including seats, seatbelts, foot pedals, blinkers, and steering wheel.

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