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Locally-based Selma Pest Control Firm, Valora Pest Control, helps customers deal with pest infestations in their homes and other properties.

SELMA, CA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2022 / — Nobody wants to share a bed with bed bugs or spiders, and nothing can ruin a family gathering quicker than spotting a scurrying mouse – or worse, a rat. Spraying the home with store-bought bug spray may seem like an easy way to keep pests out of the space, but it can only do so much. And when it comes to creepy-crawly pests, homeowners should not take any risks. Instead, hiring a professional Selma pest control company like Valora Pest Control will ensure the property is free of awful pests while giving occupants the peace of mind to walk around barefoot and carefree.

Some pests are downright dangerous, causing severe allergic reactions, carrying diseases, and giving off harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses in the family. At best, bee stings hurt. At worst, they kill people who are allergic. Ticks carry Lyme disease, which can become an extreme illness if not treated early. Keeping these dangerous pests away from homes can be hard for homeowners to manage on their own, but skilled Reedley pest control companies work until the problems are eradicated. Sometimes, people may not know what’s plaguing them or biting them at night. So, before using chemicals, pest control technicians from Valora Pest Control survey the homes to notice the problem. And once they identify the issue, they chalk out the right plans to get rid of the pests.

Insects like termites, rodents, and wood borers do more than just bite people. They cause damage to the walls and furniture. And termite damage costs go up to millions of dollars each year around the world. Expert Fowler pest control services control the damage at an early stage. They use the correct formulas, chemicals, and baits to capture and eliminate the exact species that has invaded the property.

Getting rid of a line of ants will not eliminate all the ants in the living space, and killing one mouse does not mean the pest infestation is over. It can be hard for homeowners to find the exact source. This can be especially difficult while dealing with an invasion in out-of-sight areas like the walls. Certified pest control companies in Selma, CA, like Valora Pest Control, take the time and effort to locate the source of the pest infiltration. Additionally, the chemicals they use are more potent than what people can buy as a consumer, some with the ability to kill or repel pests within just a few hours. The chemical formulas also last far longer than commercial products, keeping the property secure for longer.

About Valora Pest Control

Valora Pest Control began this journey with the thought of helping homeowners and businesses be pest free. They understood the need to be of service to people dealing with rodents and common problems and wanted to be a part of the solution! As a locally-based company and team, they promise to always do their best for the customers. Since day one of Valora Pest Control, they have strived for the praise and satisfaction of their clients.

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