SHAPLEI Utility NFT Collection Marketplace

SHAPLEI Utility NFT Collection Marketplace



SAN-FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATE, October 18, 2022 / — Today, Shapl with over 4000 designers from 49 countries, have built a trusted design & manufacturing platform for a fast growing consuming market. With launching a new NFT Utility Platform as SHAPLEI, our mission is giving content creators the technology and infrastructure to succeed, not just with creating content, but with also building out their business in the Metaverse.

“Creators can create new avenues of traffic that lead people to their products to the consumer.” said JinChang Soo, CEO of SHAPL,” and he added “SHAPLEI is a platform that is built to increase the value of Utility NFTs by buying and selling in both metaverse and real life.”

The platform provides a technology that allow a social media content as Utility NFT in transforming values and objects to wearable 3.0.

Customers then can collect these NFTs to dress up the digital avatars in the Metaverse efficiently and trade them. Content creators, on the other hand, can integrate SHAPLEI technology within their projects to expand and own Utility NFT collections in the Metaverse.

According to Yuan Ling, a Principal at SignalFire, “There are currently over 50 million creators on social media platforms and this should grow to a 100 million and possibly even larger driven by Gen Z.”

With growing Gen Z leading the future of coming Metaverse, SHAPLEI supports by Utility NFT Marketplace to sell, trade and build the business to increase the value of their content as digital assets.

With launching of Utility marketplace on the 15th of November, creators who have registered their content and customers who have purchased by the end of October 2022, will receive the “Early bird Promotion” benefits on

SHAPL Co., Ltd, is a South Korean company launching a new Utility NFT marketplace as SHAPLEI is centered on entertainment and design-tech through wearable 3.0. This wearable 3.0 NFT focuses on dressing up the digital avatars and trading in the Metaverse. Wearable 3.0 NFTs are gaining a huge popularity to their personal branding appeal. With the integration of blockchain and SHAPLEI technology, creators are given more opportunity to collaborate with big fashion organizations.

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