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Police Reform is NOT the Answer . . . only Community Reform creates lasting change according to Dr. Thaddeus Johnson.

Only when we work together to achieve community reform can we create and sustain lasting change.”

— Professor Thaddeus Johnson

MONTEREY/SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2023/ — SideBar Podcast on The Legal Talk Network Welcomes Dr. Thaddeus Johnson to discuss the impact of police reform. Johnson, former police officer, Senior Fellow at the Council on Criminal Justice, and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Georgia State University, discusses his unique research and insights on empowering citizens to create safer communities. Public safety requires more than police reform, it requires community reform and in this wide-ranging and motivating conversation, Dr. Johnson details the steps communities can take to reduce crime, increase police accountability, and rebuild trust.

Co-host Jackie Gardina noted, “An expert in policing, crime control, and governance equity, Thad Johnson has conducted extensive research on police lethality and coercion, street violence, recidivism, algorithmic and predictive bias, and correctional control.”

Johnson’s research has been featured in the national media and he has written widely on police and justice reform issues and appeared as a guest on numerous broadcast news programs in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Johnson received his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice & Criminology from Georgia State University and his M.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga. Prior to entering academia, he served as a ranking law enforcement official in Memphis, Tennessee.

SideBar cohost Mitchel Winick pointed out that “Thad Johnson’s current research focuses on police policy and innovations, urban violence, crime control, and racially disparate justice outcomes. His hopeful conclusion is that “police reform is NOT the answer . . . only when we work together to achieve community reform can we create and sustain lasting change.”

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