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Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health offers a holistic, evidence-based treatment for psychological disorders and mental health problems in Fresno.

Excellent care from a team of people who go above and beyond for their clients. The staff seems motivated to provide the best care possible. Highly recommend Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health.”

— Jay Waterman

FRESNO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 26, 2022 / — A sound mind is the key to a happy life. But life doesn’t take a linear path; it has various curves filled with unexpected events such as natural disasters, divorce, addiction, genetic disorders, the daily grind of life, and the loss of a loved one. These unexpected events take a toll on psychological and physical health. Sometimes, they can significantly impact the quality of life and start affecting relationships, work, and other aspects of life. In addition, it can result in mental health problems. Therefore, it becomes essential to find professional help to deal with mental health issues. Many behavioral health services, such as Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health in Fresno, can provide assistance and counseling to overcome these challenges and restore the mental and physical health of those struggling with psychological issues. Those interested in learning more about treatment options for behavioral health Fresno can visit, a newly launched website dedicated to mental health.

A trained psychologist or therapist can help choose a treatment program after assessing the condition and needs of an individual. For instance, they can recommend a residential inpatient program for people with severe depression, anxiety, addiction disorders, suicidal tendencies, and other extreme forms of psychological issues. This treatment takes a multifaceted strategy to reestablish healthy cognitive performance. According to Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health clinical psychologist Matthew Tatum, a residential program provides a more comprehensive approach to treating mental health issues. These methods include family/group therapy, psychometric testing, physical activity, individual counseling, and a non-judgmental environment. Each of these techniques is employed to promote cognitive health in the patient.

Those with heightened mental health symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or bipolar disorder can opt for an intensive outpatient program (IOP). A qualified Fresno psychologist can help those experiencing these symptoms by providing them with a psychological evaluation, a customized treatment plan, group, and individual therapy, and case management services. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) like the one offered at Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health often has patients come in for a three-hour session four times per week. Here, a team of experienced psychologists, therapists, and professional case managers work together to provide holistic, evidence-based treatment to patients with severe psychological symptoms.

“Excellent care from a team of people who go above and beyond for their clients. The staff seems motivated to provide the best care possible. The environment at Sierra Meadows is inclusive and welcoming; the facility is modern and comfortable. Highly recommend Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health.” – Jay Waterman

Those struggling with emotional or behavioral problems and who require a safe space to talk about their issues and find professional help to deal with them can choose an outpatient psychiatry Fresno establishment. With a professional and compassionate approach combined with evidence-based treatment, Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health can be a good option for Fresno residents looking for holistic and affordable mental health treatment.

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Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health is a locally owned and operated Fresno-based organization that provides high-quality care for anyone experiencing mental health issues. It provides a comprehensive approach to treating mental health issues, emotional disorders, and other psychological issues with evidence-based treatment.

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