The company is seeking a corporate partner to bring the innovative technology to market

This haptic feedback technology is truly going to change the future of baseball.”

— Robert Padula, founder of Sign-Shield

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / — Sign-Shield, a patent-pending technology that allows baseball players to receive encrypted signals on the field, is seeking a corporate partner to manufacture and represent this new technology that will make transmitting fast, secure and easy. The working prototype using haptic communication technology is poised to become a major disrupter in the in-game sports and industry communication market.

Sign-Shield enables catchers to send signals through a small device behind the chest protector that looks somewhat like a garage door opener with two buttons, one side signifying an inside pitch and the other signifying an outside pitch. The simplicity of the device significantly shortens the learning curve for incorporating this new solution into the game.

RF technology and a small battery send a secure signal that is encrypted every 30 seconds, ensuring it is virtually unhackable. Then, using tiny transmitters embedded in the sweatband of a baseball cap, Sign-Shield sends a haptic vibration to the right or left side of the cap, depending on how many times a button is pressed by the catcher. The unique matrix network allows all defensive players on the field to receive the same signal, ensuring everyone is on the same page for the play.

Traditional technology available in the market today usually only enables communication between the pitcher and catcher, leaving the rest of the team out of the loop. Communications through these traditional methods are also limited to voice commands received through earpieces, which can be a challenge for pitchers to hear over high crowd noise levels.

With Sign-Shield, vibration signals eliminate the need for players to hear voice commands. In addition to this advantage, Sign-Shield can be used on both offense and defense for all hand signals that are given, ensuring no one will miss a strategy.

Team managers can access the Sign-Shield “Managers Station” from a tablet that allows them to send a signal to the team or to a specific player. The station would allow the manager to position players in the outfield and infield easily by accessing their transmitters separately.

“This haptic feedback technology is truly going to change the future of baseball,” said Robert Padula, founder of Sign-Shield. “No more issues with crowd noise. No more complicated signs for pitchers, catchers, hitters or baserunners. We’re excited to find a partner who shares our passion for improving the game of baseball.”

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About Sign-Shield
Sign-Shield is a patent-pending technology that enables baseball players and managers to send haptic signals to the pitcher, catcher and all offensive and defensive players. The signals are encrypted every 30 seconds to ensure security. The privately owned company is actively seeking a corporate partner to manufacture and represent this new technology. For more information, visit

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