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SimplivLearning OpenAI ChatGPT Certification Bootcamp

SimplivLearning learning platform offers ChatGPT live classroom trainings to help AI, marketing, finance, app development, and HR professionals.

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 19, 2023/ — SimplivLearning makes comprehending and leveraging of ChatGPT easier with the introduction of a collection of industry-leading ChatGPT certification courses. Targeted at professionals in AI, marketing, finance, app development, and HR, these courses seek to help them leverage this technology for improving work related to their fields.

These are the ChatGPT-related live, classroom training courses which SimplivLearning is offering:
OpenAI ChatGPT Certification Bootcamp: Offers complete learning on how AI professionals can design intelligent chatbots that power ChatGPT. This course helps anyone carrying expertise in any domain know how to teach, install, and monitor chatbots. It will teach them how to make and install intelligent chatbots. Participants will master the powerful innovative language processing and AI skills needed for designing intelligent chatbots.

ChatGPT For Marketers, Content Creators, & Social Media Managers: This course will help marketers use ChatGPT to improve their marketing efforts. It will help content creators create compelling content that boosts their brand messaging. And, with this course, social media managers will understand how to use ChatGPT to generate leads.

ChatGPT for CPAs and Finance Professionals: CPAs and Finance professionals will find their financial insights becoming sharper with this course. It will teach them how to use ChatGPT to automate tasks in their daily tasks, which will help them provide personalized client support and streamline processes. They can implement ChatGPT applications into their workflow processes to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy.

ChatGPT for app developers: App developers will discover novel ways of creating impressive apps using ChatGPT. This course will give them in-depth knowledge of how to use ChatGPT to create highly interactive apps. It will show how to generate humanlike response, something that is very appropriate for apps.

ChatGPT for HR: Human resources professionals will get the basic knowledge needed to use ChatGPT for building a sound HR policy framework and strategy. They will learn how to use this tool across different verticals in this industry, as well as in core HR work relating to recruitment, employee onboarding, employee assistance, training and development, performance management, and feedback and employee surveys.

Why courses on ChatGPT?

From the time of its introduction in late 2022-early ’23, ChatGPT has been a sensation, and seems to be on everyone’s lips. The reason for its meteoric appearance is the sheer power of computing it facilitates, which has the potential to turn many fields, ranging from human resources to finance and law to art, upside down.

Given the extent to which it can pervade innumerable fields of human endeavor with its seemingly unlimited power of computing, the consternation it has caused is understandable. It is to clear the anxiety and unease it has caused that SimplivLearning has introduced this bunch of courses on this topic.

Getting ChatGPT right

“Being a platform at the forefront of innovative, timely and valuable learning, SimplivLearning wants to assure learners that this new technology is not something to fear, but one to work with. Like most such technological tools, ChatGPT can work wonders when used rightly, but can cause chaos if not done right. The essence of learning should be to guide people on how to get it right. This is why we have designed these courses.

Shahanshah Manzoor, Managing Director of SimplivLearning. We want to make sure that professionals and students become experts in this new ChatGPT training program and also use technology in the correct context. Our courses help them complement their work with this tool”,

About SimplivLearning

From the time of its inception in late 2017, SimplivLearning has gained a position of eminence as a reputable learning platform. In the short span of its existence, it has brought about a positive impact into the careers of thousands of professionals across the US and beyond, from varied domains, by offering them courses that bridge skill gaps.

SimplivLearning’s courses are relevant, current, and valuable. Taught by experts who have been in the industry for a long time, these courses are flexible and carry certification, adding tremendous value.

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