LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 2, 2022 / — Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Hailey Hermida releases her latest track tomorrow (December 3), ‘Never Mattered To You’. The atmospheric, slow pop ballad utilizes edgy guitar and shimmering Hollywood strings to showcase Hailey’s pure voice and youthful resilience in the face of challenges growing up as a young person in the entertainment industry.

Hailey explains, “It’s a song about heartbreak, that universal feeling we all experience at one point or another, not necessarily in regard to romantic relationships. Whether that’s not getting into your dream school, missing out on the job you thought you were perfect for, it’s an unavoidable part of what it means to be human.”

For the new track, Hailey once again collaborates with producer and songwriter Nathan Arenas, with whom she wrote her debut solo track ‘HowTheseThingsGo’, released in July 2022. The two creatives met on the set of a national commercial, and bonded over their shared love of music.

She continues, “I wrote the chorus of the song six months ago with Nathan after I narrowly lost out on an acting job I really wanted. It’s tough when you set your heart on something, and despite your best efforts, it slips from your fingertips. Writing music is a very therapeutic experience for me, and I really hope people will listen to the new track and feel comforted in knowing that disappointment leads to growth and resilience.”

Hailey began writing notes and thoughts into a journal following the outbreak of Covid-19, using words to make sense of the ever-changing world around her. She was inspired to revisit her journal entries after watching Billie Eilish’s documentary ‘The World’s a Little Blurry’, which explored the GRAMMY-winner’s songwriting process, and Hailey’s new music began to take shape.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Hailey began acting when she was 6 years old. After relocating to Los Angeles, Hailey has been featured in national commercials, radio spots, animated movies and series, and short films while continuously developing her singing and songwriting pursuits.

TikTok has also been a creative outlet for Hailey, where she shares funny and relatable moments to over half a million followers with her family @thehermidas. A recent viral video of Hailey and her family ordering tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert was featured on Good Morning America.

In spring 2023, Hailey will release a brand new eight-track EP, exploring themes uniting her desire for listeners to relate and feel less alone in facing heartbreak and new challenges.

‘Never Mattered To You’ is out December 3 on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal & more.

About Hailey Hermida

Hailey Hermida worked alongside Sarah Shahi on Reverie for NBC. Her screen credits include Anonymous Killers on Amazon Prime. Hailey was part of the Netflix Series Maya and the Three with Zoe Saldana, voicing the characters of Coralia, Tabitha, Eagle and additional voices. Hailey voiced the character of Young Elena on the Disney Junior series Elena of Avalor and was part of Oscar nominated Klaus on Netflix.

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