Speed Shift: Origins feature film

Speed Shift: Origins feature film

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Everyone loves action-themed race car films, and audiences continue to flock to them in ever-increasing numbers to see car chases and explosions.”

— Susan Abrams, Movie Journalist

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ —

Slam City Films is excited to announce an update on our logo/trademark usage rights in the new action-packed racing film Speed Shift: Origins. 

In addition to brands like GoPro, Snap-On, Lagunitas, McPherson Guitars, Summit, and Black Rifle Coffee, we added Goodyear Tire, a global brand with solid roots in the world of racing.

Filming has already begun, and Principal Photography with the cast is expected to be completed to maintain the Q4 2023 release availability date. 

Director Michael Vincent adds, “It’s outstanding to include iconic brands in a movie like Speed Shift: Origins, as all forms of racing are a favorite pastime by enthusiasts worldwide.”
About the Film:
Speed Shift: Origins is a feature film with the “hero” algorithm and proven film formulas. It incorporates themes of romance, action, coming-of-age, and rising to life’s challenges.

This coming-of-age story is about a young man, Colton Harris, who grows up racing on rural Midwest roads, eventually leading him to the high-octane tracks of drift racing.

Speed Shift: Origins is a new high-production film positioned to capitalize on the male 13+ along with a broader spectrum of demographics of consumers while tapping into the established audience of racing both domestically and worldwide, where this entertainment brand is in high demand.

About Slam City Films: 
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