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Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre: Dan Coffey, Jim Turner, Merle Kessler, Leon Martell, Bill Allard (left to right).

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Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre: Lonni (Leon Martell), Doctor Science (Dan Coffey), Mr. Nifty (Bill Allard), Ian Shoales (Merle Kessler), and Tommy Dells (Jim Turner) appearing left to right.

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Sleepy Bear Minute Mysteries. Produced by Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre. Re-mastered by Taylor Jessen. Cover Art by Ward Jenkins.

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Looking for me the unconscious bear in fine drugstores everywhere.”

— Sleepy Bear (Leon Martell)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2023/ — Sleepy Bear Minute Mysteries invite the listener to match wits with Professor Nervo and his nervous companion Jitters.

Originally broadcast in 1983 and 1984, these whodunits challenged millions of public radio listeners to test their crime-solving mettle by finding the culprit in a series of baffling murders, not all of which were caused by the sponsor’s product.

Sleepy Bear Minute Mysteries were originally written, performed, and recorded by the comedy troupe Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre: Bill Allard, Dan Coffey, Merle Kessler, Leon Martell and Jim Turner.

These six mysteries were re-mastered by Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre archivist Taylor Jessen who is also the archivist for Firesign Theatre. It’s a small world after all.

Cover Art is by Ward Jenkins.

For more Duck’s Breath inspired comedy visit Sunny Side YouTube which is produced by Duck Spots, a production company founded by Bill Allard.

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Sleep Bear Minute Mystery: Silver Clock