BriteLight Smart Switch

BriteLight Smart Switch

BriteHome App

BriteHome App

Nuro Technologies announces general availability of BriteHome services via their BriteLight switches.

SUNNYVALE, CA, USA, January 5, 2023 / — Nuro Technologies, Inc. has successfully scaled deployment of their BriteLight switches in multiple hi-vol construction projects of over 300 homes with each home having 10-50 light switches.

Why BriteLight for BriteHome services? Choosing the light switch is the perfect host for next level sensing. Light switches are ubiquitous and well positioned throughout a home and are always powered.

Once these switches are installed, a home can convey its story on how it is peopled. This “data awareness” through light switches provides an unprecedented level of services and automation that needs be experienced to be appreciated. A paradigm shift that goes far beyond simple voice/app control.

BriteHome is a free APP available in any of the mobile APP stores. BriteHome shows real-time sensor-data from every installed BriteLight. Real-Time occupancy can be used to monitor seniors and children. Nuro has ensured All of REAL-TIME monitoring is FREE without need of any subscription.

Premium services enable never seen before DIY security for indoors – whole house, a floor or individual rooms, including intrusion detection and deterrence. Vacation mode can replay the way a home is normally occupied. For Aging in Place services, warnings can be issued for abnormal activity patterns.

Each BriteLight is Wi-Fi connected to the BriteCloud (cloud service). The sensor-data from each switch (Activity / Occupancy, Ambient Light, Temperature) is shared with BriteCloud. This data is also used to support the lighting automation algorithms without the need for cloud connectivity.

BriteLight switches with Indoor Air Quality (Indoor Air Quality, Pressure, CO2 Equivalent, and Humidity) help to quantify the health of a home.

All this data allows BriteCloud to perform high level data analytics that understands the home occupancy, lighting usage, individual preferences and other parameters. Correlating this data from a switch to the whole house, BriteCloud provides the best possible lighting and DIY service experience, including auto arming and disarming without the need to punch in any codes.

BriteHome’s goal is to create an experience with minimal human intervention (TOUCHLESS AND COMMANDLESS) using AI driven algorithms on BriteCloud.

Over the Air updates allow switches to keep up with latest advances in technology. As new features roll out, they can be pushed from the cloud. The development team is actively working on new AI driven features that will provide even more advanced lighting control with rich-analytics services for the in-home security and senior care markets.

BriteLight only utilizes passive sensors, there is no EMF/RF sensor radiation.

BriteLight does not use Cameras or Microphones, there is no intrusion to privacy.

BriteLight comes with 2 options – Dimmer for Resistive Load, Relay for Inductive Load.

Check out details about BriteHome and BriteLight on our website.

Phil Lee, VP Sales is excited about the general availability of the service solutions. He sees this as an opportunity to provide a rich living experience that builders and architects can provide to their customers using a simple light switch. This solution fits wells for custom homes, volume builders, MDUs, ADUs, Modular homes or retrofits since BriteLight is a straight forward drop-in replacement for traditional switches.

George Scolaro, Founder is confident that the proven and reliable modular rocker hardware provide a long service life. BriteLight was designed to provide advanced features with modern styling but still present to the homeowner and guests a familiar look and feel. This familiar look and feel is key for rapid adoption by the homeowner.

Premal Ashar, Founder of Nuro Technologies, himself struggled with the complexity of existing market solutions and with the mundane need of touch or voice control. In his prior successful startup Enlighted, Inc., (acquired by Siemens) that has a growing installation base of over 600M sq. ft, he envisaged how to make home automation simpler. His long-term vision is to make everyday products from being just connected, to providing rich insights and services for the home. With a subscription model for data-services, it will enable Device as a Service.

BriteHome Services has been developed by Nuro Technologies to leverage the Device as a Service vision to build home automation as a service economy. The open architecture supports new features and services, including 3rd party, that a homeowner can subscribe to.

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