LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The coronavirus pandemic, the push to buy local and the growing concern of climate change are affecting how customers buy almost everything. Bath products are not flying under the radar for their lack of sustainability; single use plastic packaging and irresponsibly sourced ingredients are leading consumers to seek a better bath solution. Brands are adjusting to fit this new consumer base. Local, eco-friendly, natural, and organic are all key words that brands try to appeal to when sourcing their ingredients to make consumers, satisfied. Mainstream bath products consistently are an environmental offender, often coming in non-recyclable plastic packaging. They also contain synthetic ingredients, which appear to perform but do so at a price. They provide less benefits for the skin than quality, locally sourced ingredients.

The founders of Soap Cauldron, an apothecary brand known for its natural, high-quality ingredients, wanted to address all these consumer concerns when developing their products and their brand. The mom-and-daughter duo, Emma and Sabrina, are based in Northern California, and source all their materials in their locally. The Northern California neighborhood is their priority, as evidenced by their local charitable efforts to churches and food pantries in their community.

Under the Soap Cauldron umbrella, the Three Sisters Apothecary line was created as the creative outlet for all the brand’s bath and body products. The line’s soaps, scrubs, body butters, massage oils, and other bath products are formulated with high-quality ingredients sourced locally as well as responsibly. For example, palm oil is a natural resource that is over-farmed and as a result, damages the ecosystems of Malaysia, Indonesia, and West Africa. Soap Cauldron understands the value Palm adds to soap and chooses to use only a third-party Roundtable of Sustainable Palm authenticator to ensure that their palm oil is not irresponsibly over-farmed, which is a huge bonus to customers. Soap Cauldron’s soap formula is also anhydrous, meaning they do not use water in their formulations. They believe, as living in a drought state, water should not be diluting products nor cost to be shipped, as it is a valuable resource.

True artisan bath product enthusiasts want transparency and value when a company uses traditional methods to create their products, and Soap Cauldron’s customers are no exception. The brand’s anhydrous soap formula cancels out the need for synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers, which can be detrimental to the skin. They use essential oils to scent their products, and combine them with only natural ingredients. The soaps are made in small batches using the cold process method, a traditional artform used in 7th century Europe.

Customers in the post-pandemic world value their small local businesses, which is why Soap Cauldron has become one of Sonoma County’s artisan makers-turned-blossoming apothecary business. The brand values their ingredients because they value the planet and what their customers put on their body, attracting the attention of customers both in Northern California and beyond.

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