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Earnity hosts Cyber Security Best Practices for Crypto, to help the crypto-curious protect themselves from common cyber-attacks and learn best practices.

Caroline and Craig are leaders in the security space who exemplify the stark difference between legitimate, certified experts and would-be influencers taking advantage of the newness of crypto.”

— Dan Schatt

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Earnity, a social crypto platform and marketplace, announced today that it is hosting a virtual expert panel, “Cyber Security Best Practices for Crypto,” on Wednesday, January 25th from 4-5 pm EST, 1-2 pm PST, 2-3 MST.

The event will help the crypto-curious understand how to protect themselves from common types of cyber-attacks and implement cyber security best practices. Attendees will leave with an understanding of cyber security basics from Multi-Factor Authentication to phishing, to ensure everyone can find a safer path to be involved in crypto, with some precautions. Earnity’s experts will also ensure that more advanced crypto enthusiasts will gain insight on how cyber criminals are evolving and innovating.

Earnity’s “Cyber Security Best Practices for Crypto,” will include Craig Sixta, Chief Security Officer at Earnity, and an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of building and growing highly successful companies in the technology sector, as well as Caroline McCaffery, Founder and CEO of ClearOPS, a software company that turns cyber security into revenue for virtual Chief Information Security Officers. Arielle Lapiano, Earnity’s Chief Communications Officer, will moderate the discussion.

“The FTX collapse has put crypto exchanges and platforms under the microscope when it comes to a variety of controls, including cyber security. While the FTX situation was allegedly connected to fraud, this is a good opportunity for the industry and anyone investing in crypto to think even more seriously about cyber security,” said McCaffery. “I am thankful to Earnity for shining a light on important topics in the crypto industry, and showcasing experts like myself, to share actionable advice that may help crypto users feel more confident.”

“Chief Security Officers need to constantly evolve as quickly as the criminals, and arguably there is no industry where innovation is more pressing than the crypto space, both for crypto companies and crypto investors,” said Sixta. “We’re so thankful to have an increasingly impressive range of experts that are helping us stay two steps ahead at Earnity.”

“Caroline and Craig are leaders in the security space who exemplify the stark difference between legitimate, certified experts and would-be influencers, who sadly see an opportunity to take advantage of the newness of the crypto space,” said Dan Schatt, CEO of Earnity. “Now more than ever, there is a need for verified, actionable, expert-led crypto education, and Earnity is collaborating with trusted, credentialed experts to allow easy access to the highest level of crypto expertise and education available,” he added.

Full details on the event are below:

Safety in our digital world can be a challenge, particularly in newer markets like cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, just as investors see crypto as a good opportunity to break into a nascent market, so do scammers, hackers and other criminals.

While attacks against crypto players, investors and headline grabbing news like the FTX fiasco may have crypto investors feeling more nervous about the safety of their crypto, there are several things to do to shore up your security.

Join our panel for a free one hour virtual event to get practical advice on how to protect your crypto including:

-Practical advice on how to protect your financial assets and crypto (multi factor-authentication [2FA], passwords, browser security and wifi considerations etc.)
-How to recognize and protect yourself from common scams (phishing to man-in-the-middle attack to fake cryptocurrency exchanges)
-How to assess the security of crypto-related companies

The webinar is part of Earnity’s recently announced expert speaker series. With these panels, Earnity, together with crypto industry leaders, are shedding light on the crypto market, crypto trading, crypto investing, crypto financial planning, crypto tax planning, as well as related macro economic trends and news developments impacting the crypto market and industry.

Future crypto expert panel topics include: Protecting Your Crypto: Self-Custody Wallet Options and Developments, Regulatory Ramifications of the FTX collapse, Financial Planning for Crypto in 2023, Tax Planning for Crypto in 2023, The State of Bitcoin 2023 and more.

Registration is free and can be completed below.

This event follows Earnity’s past events:

-Tax-Loss Harvesting Strategies for Crypto with Ryan Firth, with Founder and President of Mercer Street Company and Sharon Yip, Co-founder of Polygon Advisory Group.
-Buckle Up: Navigating the Recession with Crypto, with experts Dara Albright, Co-Founder, DWealth Education; Adam Blumberg, Co-Founder, Interaxis; Nick Reilly, Founder, One Day Advice; and Jackson Wood, Portfolio Manager, Freedom Day Solutions.

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