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Social-Engineer, LLC, and Oracle have combined their resources using industry technology and a unique human-to-human solution to combat the vishing threat.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2023/ — Social-Engineer, LLC (SECOM), a top information security group, and Oracle, the leading computer technology company globally, have teamed up to present the first holistic response to the vishing threat. Vishing, also known as voice phishing, is a dangerous assault method. According to Social-Engineer, LLC, vishing uses the phone to try to persuade someone to compromise data, financial information, or personal identifying information. Social-Engineer, LLC says companies can fight back and stop vishing calls.

“By combining a unique system from Oracle and a world-class one-of-a-kind service from Social-Engineer, LLC, you can defend against one of the fastest growing threats to your organization – vishing,” says Social-Engineer, LLC.

Vishing is one of the largest attack vectors used by malicious scammers and social engineers across the globe. Counterefforts to ward off vishing attackers have been developed by Social-Engineer, LLC. Using its unique vishing methodology, the company deploys professionally trained, certified social engineers to elicit critical information from employees. Hundreds to thousands of monthly calls can be made to your employees by certified social engineers capable of pivoting and adjusting conversation. In addition to mock vishing calls, Social-Engineer, LLC offers the Instant Vishing Education Service (IVES™). IVES™ sends employees customized training and test results. Combined with Oracle’s Security Shield product, which delivers a 360° view of the network’s telecom traffic and threats, validates every call, and automatically enforces policy-based call handling – including blocking malicious calls, all in real-time, companies can remain safe, says Social-Engineer, LLC.

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“Until now, there has not been a complete solution to help companies properly defend themselves. Oracle’s Security Shield product, a firewall for your phone system, combined with Social-Engineer, LLC’s vishing with IVES service can finally give your organization the tools and training needed to defend against this threat,” informs Social-Engineer, LLC.

Social-Engineer, LLC was founded by Christopher Hadnagy roughly 20 years ago and specializes in the art, science, and psychology, of social engineering. The company focuses on human-based, mock social engineering attacks. Human (no robo-dialers are ever used), trained, certified, professional vishers are used, and their services can be implemented to make hundreds to thousands of calls per month, says the organization.

“The best way to ensure lasting behavioral change is to teach employees how to recognize and respond to vishing threats. After all, it only takes one vishing attack to potentially devastate an entire company,” informs Social-Engineer, LLC.

The staff at Social-Engineer, LLC is always available to help. Ryan MacDougall, the firm’s COO, has over 26 years of experience as a pentester, systems administrator, ethical hacker, and lead social engineer. He not only holds the Certified Ethical Social Engineer and Master’s Level Social Engineering certifications, but he now helps to teach those classes.

Shelby Dacko is a Human Risk Analyst with Social‐Engineer, LLC. Shelby’s specialties include vishing, OSINT work, and educational material production. Shelby has made over 20,000 vishing calls in her career with the company. She holds the Certified Ethical Social Engineer certification and teaches both the Foundational Application of Social Engineering and Practical Application of Social Engineering classes.

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