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Software Accounts Executive, Jim Nivette, Gives Insights on How to Make Philanthropy A Part of An Organization’s Culture

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to entrepreneur and software executive James Nivette, a company can significantly grow its brand equity by inculcating a culture of philanthropy. To make philanthropy a part of your organization’s culture, Nivette advises that a company needs to make an effort to encourage and support its stakeholders to donate their time and effort to worthy courses.

One way to do this is to set up a day where employees are asked to contribute to courses they believe in or start a monthly giving campaign. They can also donate time to a local nonprofit organization or community service project near the company. Nivette also advises that companies should regularly donate products and services. These kinds of donations show your organization’s support for humanity, and can be a great way to generate publicity for your brand.

Another way to inculcate philanthropy is to make it a part of your company policy. Jim Nivette argues that creating a CSR policy can go a long way in upholding this. The best way to make philanthropy a part of your organization’s culture is to have a plan, organize your efforts, and promote your contributions regularly. If you have an office full of people who don’t really see a need to give back, or you’ve been struggling to get your members to donate their time, consider holding an event where you give away free stuff to show them what it feels like to contribute to a greater good. You can also encourage members to submit their ideas for causes and donations they would like to see supported by the organization, and have a member of staff review each suggestion and make a decision on which ones will be considered for funding. Another way to make philanthropy a part of your organization’s culture is to have members participate in fundraising events.

Nivette also touches on the importance of leveraging corporate power to encourage others corporations to give as well. He notes that it’s essential to create PR to motivate others to participate in philanthropy as well. This can be done through events, social media posts, or blog articles. This can also benefit the organization by deepening inter-corporate ties, especially those that are directly linked to the company’s supply chain.

Jim Nivette is a highly successful software account executive who has spent over 20 years working in the software industry. He has held a variety of sales and management roles at companies such as Business Objects Americas, and SAP. In 2015, he founded his own SAP services company, which quickly grew to become a major player in the industry, generating over 25 million in revenue in its first year. Jim is a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader in software development and use, and he is widely recognized as one of the top experts in the field. Throughout his career, Jim has earned several accolades for his work, including an award for being a strong team leader at Business Objects and Rookie of the Year at SAP. A firm believer in giving back, Jim has a long history as a philanthropist. He continues collaborating with charity organizations to provide much-needed support for programs close to his heart. He developed a love for helping others early on in his life, working as a counsellor at Orangewood Children’s Home and later as a volunteer for Suicide Prevention Services. Based on his experience, his insights on philanthropy will benefit businesses looking for ways to get started in philanthropy.

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