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The Association of Edison Illuminating Companies announced today that Southern California Edison has received one of the Association’s 2022 Achievement Awards.

ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2022 / — The Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC), the electric utility industry’s longest-serving and preeminent association of leading operations experts, announced today that Southern California Edison (SCE) has received one of the Association’s prestigious 2022 Achievement Awards.

The AEIC Achievement Awards are presented annually to AEIC member companies, committees, or subcommittees who have clearly demonstrated significant contributions to advancing operational excellence in the electric utility industry.

SCE has been recognized by AEIC for its development of an in-house system machine learning model program called Faulty Object Recognition through Computer Eyesight (FORCE). FORCE is designed to scan imagery, identify signs of equipment defects, and be reviewed by qualified electrical workers (QEW) for possible remediation, if necessary, by using aerial image capture. The FORCE program improves the quality of the inspection process by enhancing speed, accuracy, consistency, and time.

“SCE exemplifies proactive innovation in utility operations and continues to lead the industry forward,” said Steve Hauser, CEO, AEIC. “With the constant threat of wildfires and other environmental events in its service area, SCE has further enhanced the ability to identify and remediate equipment hazards through FORCE.”

By leveraging new imaging technology and implementing the FORCE system have led to major benefits for both the company and its customers. Developed under a cross-departmental collaboration, the FORCE system has been an impactful tool and one of the many process changes introduced to minimize potential public safety risk, increased awareness and response times and performance.

Southern California Edison will be presented with the award on Thursday, October 6th at the 2022 AEIC Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. To see a full list of 2022 AEIC Achievement Award recipients, visit

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