Young vs. Stanford (RG17-877055) Lawsuit in the Alameda County Superior Court

Stanford Employees

Stanford’s $2 billion new “arcade”

Stanford was rejected by the court of appeals. The court denied Stanford’s attempt to overturn the Alameda Superior Court in Young vs. Stanford.

In one instance, a [Stanford] coworker dressed like a Ku Klux Klan member for Halloween. ”

— Ms. Young

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, October 12, 2022 / — The Court of Appeals again rejected Stanford’s further arguments and denied its appeal.

This is Ms. Young’s case against Stanford for falsifying safety records, overbilling, and defamation, among other causes of action. In fully rejecting Stanford’s claims, the appellate court essentially ruled that Ms. Young is likely to prevail on her claims against the healthcare giant. Stanford was unsuccessful in its request to have the appellate court overturn the Alameda Superior Court.

According to the appellate court “Young is an African American employee of Stanford Health. In September 2017, she filed a lawsuit against Stanford Health, alleging employees failed to perform required emergency equipment checks and falsified safety records. She also claimed Stanford Health created a hostile and abusive work environment where she was subjected to racial harassment, discrimination, and retaliation for whistleblowing.”

The court also described that “In one instance, she [Young] claimed a coworker dressed like a Ku Klux Klan member for Halloween. A photograph of her costumed coworker circulated widely throughout the office. After she reported the incident, Young claims her supervisors retaliated against her by denying her, among other things, promotional opportunities and pay commensurate with her experience. Other alleged incidents included a co-worker calling Young the N-word-an incident Young reported to her supervisor who then failed to properly investigate. The lawsuit immediately garnered attention from the press.”

This case is captioned Young vs. The Leland Stanford Junior University et. al., Case No. A161237. There are any number of wrongful termination lawsuits filed by whistleblowing employees against Stanford Hospital, University Healthcare Alliance, and Stanford University. Some of these include Young vs. Stanford (RG17-877055) in the Alameda County Superior Court, Gaines vs. Stanford (3-16-02381) in California Federal Court, and others. The law not only has built-in protections for whistleblowers, which prohibits retaliation by employers, but federal law under 31 U.S.C. section 3279 also mandates a monetary award of a percentage of any recovery by the Government which results from a whistleblower’s insider information of healthcare fraud on the Government.

The Law Offices of Gloria Juarez represent the interests of whistleblowers. Ms. Juarez’s firm has a special interest in prosecuting false claims act cases on behalf of the Government- both State and Federal, and uncovering Stanford Health fraud. The Law Firm commented that it is really only through the ongoing dedication, and courageous whistleblowing and voluntary outreach from Stanford former employees, billers, and medical coders that Stanford’s fraudulent healthcare scheme will be fully uncovered and brought to justice.

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