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Tinybeans (AXP:TNY)

GLENDORA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2023/ — Stayhealthy, Inc., a healthcare technology company bringing together the most advanced tools to measure and change the health and wellness status of millions of users announces its collaboration with Tinybeans Group Limited to educate children via new Snack Town All-Stars releases of music and videos distributed via Bungalo/Universal Music Group, and augmented reality coloring activities.

This educational content is primarily distributed via the Snack Town All Stars YouTube channel with nearly 100M views to date. The relationship with Bungalo/Universal Music Group provides tremendous reach through their streaming, music, and entertainment relationships. This reach provided a perfect opportunity for collaboration with Tinybeans, a product-led company that is built by parents, for parents.

Tinybeans starts with serving new families and continues through all the stages of the parenting journey. Parents today are hyper-focused on spending time with their kids, and Tinybeans is uniquely positioned to serve their needs by inspiring them to create meaningful memories, and privately sharing them through our high trust photo sharing app. Tinybeans enjoys over 150,000 5-star reviews in the Apple App and Google Play stores and has been recognized by Apple for excellence for both contents–top 3 most viewed and exclusive parenting partner for Apple Guides, and utility–twice being named U.S. app of the day.

The combined audience of the two companies provided the perfect platform to further the education of children and their parents through unique and exciting content.

Together, the companies will distribute educational eBooks, exclusive music videos, and other content around the topics of healthy eating, exercise, and important activities for child growth and wellness.

“I cannot overstate the significance of our mission to educate children and their families about healthy eating and living,” explained Ziggy Kormandel, President of Stayhealthy, Inc. “Our collaboration with Tinybeans is a crucial step forward in achieving our goal of combating childhood obesity and fostering lifelong healthy habits. We are truly grateful to Tinybeans for their unwavering support and for joining forces with us in this vital mission. By working together, we can make a lasting positive impact on millions of families worldwide and help raise a healthier generation. The Snack Town All-Stars were created to address the epidemic of childhood obesity by engaging children in their health through increased activity and learning about healthy lifestyles through music and entertaining videos.”

The Snack Town All-Stars are comprised of Color Quest characters that perform music and music videos to entertain, educate and get children to exercise. Through an exclusive distribution partnership, Stayhealthy has with Bungalo/Universal Music Group. Through this partnership, the music is distributed on Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Tidal, and more, in both English and Spanish.

The Tinybeans community encompasses one of the largest ecosystems of parents looking for new and exciting content so they can help their children grow and thrive. The introduction of new unique forms of educational content via Stayhealthy and the Snack Town All-Stars only enhances this mission.

“The reality of being a modern-day parent means most of us have come to accept that screen time plays a role in our children’s lives,” said Tinybeans CEO, Eddie Geller. “At Tinybeans, we are committed to helping parents feel good about every decision they make regarding their children’s development. Our parents designate time for screens, and we want them to know Snack Town All-Stars is here as an option to entertain and help their children develop. Snack Town All-Stars is rooted in color, free play, and music, which are three key areas that we believe play a positive role in children’s development. I’ll never forget when I first learned that babies only see in black and white for their first 4 months, and then watching their world expand to color, then coloring, were such beautiful milestones for my family, and our Tinybeans families. As parents, we want to capture these milestones, which is why the Tinybeans private photo-sharing app for families is so popular today. We are so excited about this partnership with Stayhealthy and the introduction of Snack Town All-Stars because we are two brands committed to colorful futures for our children.”

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