Stronger Together Now is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a $250,000 donation from the Vezbi Super App as part of its Project Seva.

Connected. It’s a feeling that has more importance since the pandemic hit and social extremes continue to divide communities. Stronger Together Now aims to restore that connectedness.”

— Janelle Guerrero, CEO

RIALTO, CA, US, November 18, 2022 / — Stronger Together Now Receives $250,000 Donation from Vezbi Super App

Stronger Together Now is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a $250,000 donation from the Vezbi Super App as part of its Project Seva. Along with the donation, Vezbi will be creating custom Micro-apps and Communities for the use by Stronger Together Now and its members and those it serves.

Vezbi Super App’s Project Seva is based on the concept of selfless service that is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it, an act of compassion and care for others above oneself. Vezbi is rewarding those organizations to help them carry out their mission and goals by utilizing the Vezbi Super App platform and resources to assist them.

About Vezbi

Vezbi is a community-driven Super App designed to organize and consolidate all facets of life in one centralized application. All businesses, users and agencies are welcome to join Vezbi as long as they meet the technical requirements and rules set forth in the Terms of Service and related documents. Vezbi is available on both iOS & Android.

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About Stronger Together Now

501(c)3 community outreach organization that aims to improve connectedness and provide resources for the people of the Inland Empire.

PURPOSE: STN works collectively to provide resources that support the community as a whole. They highlight social injustice and the need for local, positive change. They create a sense of community through inclusivity. They demand change at local levels and influence local leadership.

MISSION: To help underserved communities in the Inland Empire by providing access to programs, organizations, tools, resources and events.

STN is a community-based, nonprofit organization that services all of the Inland Empire. Its livelihood is dependent on its ability to “Enable, Educate & Empower”. STN uses these core values to restore communities, especially those most heavily impacted by racism, COVID-19 and inequity. These are examples of outreach that have immediately benefited the IE:

One, STN promotes Community Outreach. This includes bimonthly clean ups in inner city areas that are plagued with trash, book drives (quarterly), community events/drives (quarterly), & parks restoration (ongoing).

Two, Youth Enablement which has taken shape through mentorship programs & quarterly book drives run by the local Black Student Union and our Youth Outreach Ambassadors, who provide books K-12. STN has also created a Youth Empowerment Program centered on career readiness, community outreach, financial literacy and social emotional learning.

Three, Local Leadership Accountability which is evident through community events like the Juneteenth Music Festival, where local leadership is directly involved. STN shows up regularly to city council meetings, school district board meetings and participates regularly in panels that consistently engage community dialogue.

Four, STN Empowers the People to share dialogue on important local issues. One example would be the “All Inclusive Park Project” where surveys filled out focused on the community’s wishlist for parks. There was a strong need for environmentally friendly splash pads, since the desert heat is a constant factor for families in the IE.

What will bring this all together is the STN Volunteer App which has been developed, and now, thanks to Vezbi, has a home. It will support these efforts by: 1) hosting all nonprofit events, 2) providing info on when they are happening, & 3) how people can get involved. The data from the app will also help STN to assess if and where physical community spaces are needed.

StrongerTogetherNow reminds people how good it feels to work together towards a common goal and vision. How good it feels to uplift and restore. How important it is to show up and demand changes when needed.

STN dispels the notion that one cannot thrive and is unable. Their team was built by enablers. STN helps others to find their own strength and purpose by reminding them of their part in the greater whole. STN reminds the people of their power and the people remind STN of their power.

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Contact: CoFounders, President & VP
Name: Janelle Guerrero & Kai King

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Stronger Together Now
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