Athletes 2 Entrepreneurs and The Learning Marketplace Team Up to Empower Youth

Generous Sponsor and Founder of ALKA-HOLIC, Tasveer Badal, Helps Athletes 2 Entrepreneurs by Gifting 170 Subscriptions of The Learning Marketplace.

A2E has given me the resources and platform to be a real-life example to kids coming from the same community and environment that I did.”

— Alonzo Gonzalez

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / — This fall, Athletes 2 Entrepreneurs (A2E) is beginning its second 6-week on-campus workshop at Santa Monica High School. A2E ran its first 6-week course teaching high school student athletes what type of opportunities the new NCAA NIL (Name Image and Likeness) deal brings and how they can utilize their sport to build and develop themselves and their own functioning business. Sticking with the sports theme, A2E has and will continue to educate student athletes on the importance of creating a “team” that consists of accountants, lawyers and agents to help further build out their brand and attract bigger companies and investors alike. A2E is excited to provide The Learning Marketplace (TLM) subscriptions to its youth participants for its fall 2022 program. This will allow youth to receive a well-rounded educational experience.

Community and family are two major pillars in the development and creation of A2E. Santa Monica native, Greg Morena, has been influential and a driving force in the Santa Monica community when it comes to economic empowerment and youth development in our most underserved section of the city. As a former athlete, Greg saw the new NCAA policy change as a way to further pursue his desire to equip the youth with the skill set and knowledge that many of his former teammates were not presented with when he played. Through A2E and mentoring Alonzo Gonzalez, another Santa Monica native and current professional athlete, Greg has found a great opportunity to combine two of his biggest passions; sports and business.

“Athletes 2 Entrepreneurs does exactly that! Our 6-week course provides the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the connection to athletics. We enter that conversation through the new world of paid college athletics; if why and how they can participate.” -Greg Morena, Founder of A2E

“A2E has given me the resources and platform to be a real-life example to kids coming from the same community and environment that I did. Using myself as a model to what could be gives our audience a real-time example of how real these possibilities we teach are.” – Alonzo Gonzalez, Professional Baseball Player and Educator with A2E

As a part of Youthful Savings (YS), TLM is dedicated to providing necessary socioeconomic education to youth across the world. YS is thrilled to work with A2E and provide content that will help student athletes thrive in the real world. Youth who are participating in the program will be able to download a plethora of learning exercises related to mental health well-being, financial education, NFTs, building their own businesses and improving their community-building skills. Thanks to ALKA-HOLIC (AH), one-year subscriptions to TLM will reach youth in the A2E program free of charge. Youth will also have access to monthly Live Experiences that allow them to earn bitcoin from the Youthful Savings Foundation.

As the founder of AH, Tasveer has worked to mentor and educate youth at YS. He is dedicated to empowering others and celebrating their healthy lifestyle choices. Impacting youth furthers AH’s mission to hydrate the world through impactful products and services. His sponsorship will give youth integrative and experiential education while alleviating budget concerns at schools and organizations.

A2E is a non-profit organization that can give free resources to student athletes who might not have the resources or knowledge to be able to navigate the world of sports/business. With the help of TLM, A2E will further engage student athletes with at-home workshops and a brand new network of people and resources that will continue to drive and motivate them to be the best entrepreneurs they are capable of becoming. To create change and impact in any community, it starts with one person who is willing to dare and dream big enough to get others to start to believe in their mission as well as their own. As TLM joins the mission, the sky is really the limit to the possibilities and impact that can be created!

About Athletes to Entrepreneurs:

A2E is a non-profit, non-business-affiliated organization that is solely focused on the total development of high school athletes. A2E appears to be the first non-profit organization of its kind and hopes to begin its mission at SMMUSD’s Santa Monica High School, with dreams to be inserted into every high school athletic program across the country. For more information, visit

About Youthful Savings:

YS is a learning ecosystem dedicated to socioeconomic empowerment through mental wellbeing, economic empowerment and community development. Youthful Savings provides youth with online education through The Learning Marketplace and a platform to create global online businesses via Youthful Savings Marketplace. Through Youthful Savings, youth have the ability to create a more inclusive global economy. For more information, visit

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