This is a photo of our new wellness drops/tinctures, named Chill & Digest, being used in a variety of our tea, latte, and boba latte drinks.

Our tea enhancers can be paired with any tea of your choice (or any beverage) – simply add a drop to your drink and start feeling the benefits.

Digest Wellness Drops/Tinctures

Get your gut feeling great.

Chill Drops/Tinctures

Sit back and drop into relaxation.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2023/ — As more consumers turn to functional beverages, Tea Drops, the bagless, dissolvable tea brand for the modern tea drinker, is disrupting the functional tea beverage to create a more customizable option that capitalizes on a key pain point in the category.

As the global functional tea market is projected to have a 6.27% CAGR and hit nearly $3.13B USD by 2026* and customization continues to be a growing trend in beverages, Tea Drops has observed a key whitespace. Currently, functional tea beverages that promise to deliver added functional benefits leave the consumer tied to a specific tea flavor. “Flavor selection is king when it comes to tea so why can’t a consumer have the flavor they want with the added health benefits they need?” stated Sashee Chandran, the CEO and Founder of Tea Drops. “One of my pain points is the fact that many of the functional teas in the market have good ingredients but not the potency needed to deliver true added benefits. It was important to us to create these drops in a liquid format since liquid can be absorbed faster than a powdered format and we wanted these drops to be infinitely customizable, so people could enjoy them in tea they want but could also add them to any beverage choice, whether it be tea, bubble tea, water, etc.”

Tea Drops partnered with an experienced herbalist who specializes in medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens and has 20+ years of experience formulating products. Tea Drops spent nearly a year creating and developing their new tea enhancing wellness drops. These liquid drops were formulated specifically to steep perfectly with tea but have been formulated to be good in all beverages or even taken alone.

Made from a minimal blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha and holy basil leaf, these drops are truly designed to make a difference. Included in the formulas are USDA organic adaptogenics and full spectrum extracts and the formulas are all alcohol-free, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and have no added flavor. Most importantly, these drops have zero aftertaste leaving a trace of light herbal flavor so they don’t change the taste profile of your tea or beverage. “We have designed our tea enhancing liquid wellness drops so that they don’t disrupt the flavor of the tea but really allow the consumer to get the best of both worlds in one cup – the flavor they want and the benefits they need.” stated Chandran. “In addition, these formulas are certified glyphosate free, aligning with Tea Drops’ high quality and standards.”

You can find these wellness drops in 2 blends, both of which can be purchased directly from

● Drop, Drink, Chill: helps release stress, reduce anxiety and take the edge off — without making you sleepy. Use during the day to bring balance and calm, or at night to sleep blissfully and wake up refreshed. Organic ingredients include Rama Holy Basil Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, Passionflower, and Skullcap Leaf. $29.95 for 30-60 day supply.

● Drop, Drink, Digest: Soothes your belly and gives your gut some extra love – every drop is packed with stomach-settling herbs that promote a healthy digestive system and help with nutrient absorption and overall liver health. Organic ingredients include Dandelion Root, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, and Licorice Root. $24.95 for 30-60 day supply.

About Tea Drops:
Tea Drops are bagless, organic, dissolvable tea blends for the modern tea drinker. They’re essentially bath bombs of tea that dissolve in your cup. These playful shaped blends of tea leaves and spices encourage connection through tea experiences. Tea Drops continues to transform moments and moods by empowering you to effortlessly and sustainably create any cafe quality tea drink you can imagine.

Founder Sashee Chandran was inspired to rethink how we drink tea. In 2015, she invented Tea Drops while looking for an environmentally friendly, convenient, yet high quality tea experience, eliminating the waste + taste of tea bags and the mess + stress of loose-leaf tea.

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*Technavio Industry Report

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