Relentless Cover with Awards

Relentless Cover with Awards

Ted Baxter with his Dog

Ted Baxter with his Dog

The holidays can be especially challenging for those suffering communication issues and their loved ones.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 14, 2022 / — Ted Baxter suffered a massive, ischemic stroke in 2005. That affected his right side of his body (known as hemiparesis) and he suffered from aphasia that crippled his ability to speak, write, and communicate with others. His long battle to return to society and conquer hemiparesis and his aphasia, which included his dedication, determination, perseverance, intense physical therapy, working out, relearning English, doing repetitive, tiresome exercises, has resulted him being an inspiration to many suffering from stroke, brain disease, or traumatic brain disorder. Along the way, he’s written a book, ‘Relentless, How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better’, and created virtual classes, Speech Recovery Pathways, to help others overcome their deficits as he did.

He also offers a newsletter. Recently, his newsletter offered a number of tips and resources for those dealing with aphasia, and their loved ones, through the holidays. Some of the topics include:

* Using gestures in your communication can help build understanding
* Advances in technology are helping regain language skills
* Singing as therapy

Family can play a significant role in recovery and rehabilitation. Ted mentions in his book:

“…Perhaps it was seeing my siblings, or maybe it was the moment of revelation with the technology, but around that time, I found that my determination to recover grew by leaps and bounds. By the time that my sister, Nancy, came back to Chicago, I was convinced that my recovery was up to me. As long as I wanted it badly enough, it would happen…”

Ted also founded ‘Speech Recovery Pathways’. Included are virtual classes over Zoom which allow participants to practice communication with each other. ‘Speech Recovery Pathways’ also provides information on therapy resources, a community of new friends, and support for caregivers in need.

Ted says, “The holiday season is upon us and for many this is a time of hope. This time of year we come together to celebrate with loved ones, share meals and gifts, tell stories, and enjoy quality time.”

Ted writes about his incredible comeback from a severe stroke in his book ‘Relentless’. He has resumed walking. He’s talking once more. His life is better now, and he navigates it almost as smoothly as he did before the stroke.

For more information about Ted, his journey, his newsletter, and how he can help those with aphasia and other brain difficulties, go to:

‘Relentless: How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better’ can be found at:

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