The product offers an affordable and easy-to-use app-enabled camera system to help drivers see what is directly in front of their vehicles.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2023 / — The team behind Tego Automotive Products is pleased to announce it is tackling the dangers of front over accidents and protecting young drivers with its innovative TEGO CAM Camera System.

Tego Automotive Products is a renowned automotive accessory company located in sunny Southern California. The company’s goal is to be an important part of the ever-growing brotherhood of automotive ingenuity through inventing, producing, and selling the most cutting-edge, user-friendly, and innovative solutions for consumers.

In the company’s most recent news, Tego Automotive Products is bringing the dangers of front over accidents to the limelight with the launch of its innovative TEGO CAM Camera System. The system comes at a time when front over accidents have been making headlines across the country, particularly in a CBS news report that shows these kinds of accidents hurting and killing children and pets in alarming numbers.

“Although we initially launched it as an automotive accessory to assist with parking and for recording driving and track events, after viewing the CBS report and finding numerous reports online on the dangers of front over accidents, we realized it can also be used for something much more important,” says Founder of the company, Amir Fathi. “It’s an affordable, easy to install and use, app-enabled front camera system which allows drivers to see what is directly in front of their cars. Rather than waiting for the much-needed proposed legislation for front cameras on future cars, we feel our camera system is the answer for every unsuspecting parent’s nightmare of front over accidents.”

To help parents, young drivers, and all other vehicle owners feel more at ease, the TEGO CAM Camera System boasts many useful and innovative features and benefits, including:

* Affordable solution to protect kids and pets from unseen danger
* Avoid costly damage from curbs & concrete parking blocks
* Wi-Fi App enabled mobile device connectivity (comes with its own Wi-Fi network, no external Wi-Fi needed)
* Uses mobile phone or tablet as the monitor
* Designated external antenna for clear, uninterrupted, and smooth connection
* Record videos and images right onto a phone in real time
* Works with IOS and Android devices
* No extensive hardwiring needed! Mount the camera via the provided bracket or double stick 3M tape and wire it to any 12v source. Then, simply use the easy-to-use app to see what’s in front of you on your phone or tablet in real-time. The entire process takes only 5 to 10 minutes to set up.
• And so much more

The TEGO CAM Camera System is ready and available for purchase on the company’s website for just $139.99. The company also offers an unprecedented 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty with reliable and friendly customer service.

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