For aspiring entrepreneurs, the restaurant business is arguably the most difficult. Jack Rasmussen’s Fine Dining is a MUST read for anyone who aspires to be in the industry”

— (Celebrity Chef) Julian Philips

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 26, 2022 / — “It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is complicated, complex, and broken in so many ways. This detailed tome serves as a master class and beacon of hope for restaurateurs and diners alike.” This quote about Jack Rasmussen’s first book called Fine Dining: The Secrets Behind the Restaurant Industry is from none other than Carla Hall, American chef, television personality, and former model. Rasmussen released his first fiction novel while still attending the University of Southern California and taking 21 units while majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Cinematic Arts and Sports Media Industries.

Emmy award-winning journalist, author, restaurateur, and celebrity chef Julian Philips said this about Rasmussen’s book, “For aspiring entrepreneurs, the restaurant business is arguably the most difficult. Jack Rasmussen’s Fine Dining is a MUST read for anyone who aspires to be in the industry; those who are looking to expand their brand and for the foodie who is eager to explore food and culture. The stories in this book blend every aspect of what it takes to succeed in this business and the rewards of hard work, belief, and perseverance in creating a successful enterprise.” Philips along with a slew of famous restaurateurs in the industry are huge supporters of the man people like to call “Jack Razz.”

Rasmussen’s book is now on Amazon and his documentary called The FINE DINING Documentary is currently on Youtube. The author strives to enter the world of acting after his Fulbright scholarship in Penghu, Taiwan, teaching English to Taiwanese students.

Rasmussen loves to travel, and while writing his book last year, he visited several places. In his dedication he thanks the following establishments for hosting him: The London West Hollywood, Craig’s (where he met up with Rachel Lindsay), Bird’s Nest Cafe (and the convenient electric car charger on W 24th Street across the street that charges his Electric Mini Cooper), Bestia, Bavel, Delilah, Pink Taco, Cafe Mak, Elephante, Felix Trattoria, Urth Caffé, Yamashiro Hollywood, Fellow, Spartina LA, Redbird, and Record Plant Recording Studios (where he met up with T-Pain and Austin Mahone).

The book is split up into three parts: History: Have a Seat at My Table, Let’s Eat: Major Keys to Success, and The Future: Shoot for the Milky Way. Each part has become a life of its own, representing the past, the present, and the future of the restaurant industry. Rasmussen, who took entrepreneurship classes at Stanford, wanted to use his knowledge to create a book encouraging people to take a leap of faith to become entrepreneurs and restaurateurs while giving them the proper toolset to do so effectively. The beginning of the book is largely a deep dive into the restaurant industry from the farm-to-table movement to the birth of the very first restaurant in the United States to interesting trends in the industry such as the rise of female chefs. The middle portion focuses on what specific aspects make up a successful restaurant such as the service, the location, the menu, and the head chef and staff. The final portion is more broad, encouraging people who are on the fence to take that leap of faith to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Rasmussen is now dipping his toes into acting and hopes to pursue a career in acting when he returns to the states. He has been featured in some music videos and won an episode of Wheel of Fortune. He seems to have the golden touch. Watch out for this unstoppable passionate kid from Los Gatos, California. Esteemed chef Stephen Kalt of Spartina LA had this to say about Rasmussen’s book, “First and foremost, Jack Rasmussen has taken on this subject with the love and passion that resembles what I’ve seen all of my life in the kitchens and dining rooms of the greatest restaurants in the world. It is that same passion that drives all of the great Chefs and restaurateurs. Great restaurants are one of the truest expressions of the human condition, and we should thank Jack for helping us see it clearly.”

Order your copy of Fine Dining at Amazon today at to join the many others supporting Jack on his artistic journey. Rasmussen has said he hopes to write another book while sheltering in Penghu. There is no doubt it will be something outlandish, beautiful, and full of wisdom.

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