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CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2022 / — The Dark Side of Searching for Jobs Abroad For Africans

When you’re unemployed, desperate times can lead to desperate measures. Unfortunately, there are people and organizations that prey on the most vulnerable job seekers. Requesting anonymity, two people shared their stories about how they had left for jobs in Thailand with a promise of a monthly salary but instead were taken to Laos to engage in cyber-crime activities. Let’s explore the risks of searching for jobs abroad and what we can do to protect ourselves.

How It Happens
This story is all too common and serves as an eye-opener for job seekers looking for work opportunities abroad. The two individuals described above both borrowed money to pay agents for the trip and underwent a short training session before leaving for Thailand. Upon arrival, their handlers took them on a long journey by road which eventually crossed over into neighbouring Laos. They ended up in a 15-storey building that became their full-time residence – although they did not know in which town or city they were located. It was here that they discovered that instead of customer service roles, they were there to engage in cyber-crime activities – namely targeting Americans by creating fake accounts on well-known websites.

The Risks Involved
The risks involved in searching for jobs abroad are numerous and often overlooked by unsuspecting job seekers eager to take advantage of any potential opportunity presented to them. Besides being taken advantage of financially (as was the case with the two individuals mentioned earlier), there are other dangers such as fraud and human trafficking that come with going abroad looking for work. In addition, vulnerability exist when it comes to legal issues since laws vary from country to country; some countries may be more lenient towards illegal activities than others, making it easier for unscrupulous employers or agents to exploit workers without fear of consequences. Furthermore, individuals finding themselves stuck in a foreign country without access to basic necessities such as food or shelter if something goes wrong while in a foreign country, it may become serious without family support – making it important to always have a plan B ready just in case things don’t go according to plan.

The opportunities available to work in your own country are numerous but may not be readily apparent. Numerous businesses are seeking individuals who can work remotely from their home and in their local city. It is much safer and removes the uncertainty of the danger of being taken advantage of in foreign countries. For the curious the Free Trade Agreements are the bedrock of international job opportunities.

When searching for jobs abroad it is important to do a due diligence beforehand and be aware of all the potential risks involved. Government websites offer information that can help job seekers make an informed decision about whether or not this is something safe. With the advent of technology, working from home or within any city or town that has internet services can greatly increase you awareness and access to the import export job market.

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