The Golden Watch

                Pavel Cerny, Author

Pavel Cerny’s The Golden Watch or the Murder at the Washington Hospital is inspired by the horror and mystery books, both of which were popularized by E.A. Poe.

The life of Edgar Allan Poe has always been full of mysteries. How did he die? Was it the result of alcoholism? Or was it a murder? My book attempts to answer the still unsolved mystery.”

— Pavel Cerny, Author

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2022 / — “The Golden Watch or the Murder at the Washington Hospital” deals with Poe’s mysterious death. Pavel’s style is inspired by horror and mystery books, both of which were popularized by Edgar Allan Poe.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, author Pavel Cerny was unable to teach his students, and even stepping outside was hazardous at his age.
He decided that rather than sit at home depressed, he would keep his mind occupied by doing things he loved. He returned to writing screenplays and started writing novels, both for adults and for children.

He wrote four screenplays that have since won over 20 awards at international screenwriting festivals, including the Cannes Film Awards and the European Cinematography Awards. He proceeded by writing novels—a trilogy of horror fantasies inspired by the life of his literary idol, Edgar Allan Poe and three charming children books about a six year old Alex and his “Catventures” with his talking cat named Bim.

Pavel’s debut work was a horror Hamlet in Baltimore, in which the 5 year Edgar Poe witnesses the death of both his actor parents by the Theatre director vampire. The Blue Bottle deals with Poe’s shocking marriage to his 13 Years old cousin, but instead of dying of consumption, here Virginia is killed by a magic love potion.

Pavel CERNY writes: “I have had many careers” throughout my life. I directed movies and theatre, wrote stage plays and screenplays and for over 20 years was a popular elementary school teacher, teaching grades K-5, and often also teaching autistic students.

The pandemic gave my whole system a shock as and brought back childhood memories of books i used to devour and of the many stories told to me in bed on Sunday mornings by my farther. That’s where I got the impulse to attempt to write books. At present I am trying to switch styles again, writing a longer action/adventure/science fiction GOLEMX2. It should be ready to my readers in time for the winter holidays. Pavel Cerny is an award-winning and published author who loves theatre, movies, museums and galleries, antique hunting, and most kinds of music, from classical to jazz and opera.

Published by booksbypavel, Pavel Cerny’s latest book is a powerful ending for his Edgar Allan Poe Trilogy.

The author hopes that readers will have fun reading this book the way he had fun while writing it.

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