Speclipse’s Spectra-Scope diagnosing skin cancer

– Clinical value and technical superiority of Spectra-Scope recognized by a highly accredited international journal

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, US, September 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Speclipse(CEO Sung Hyun Pyun), a medical diagnostic corporate specializing on laser spectroscopy and AI, said that a research paper evaluating the efficacy and safety of the device ‘Spectra-Scope’ diagnosing skin cancer was published in the latest issue of JAAD on 27th of September. JAAD is the highest recognized journal out of 70 other journals in the field of Dermatology with Impact Factor 15.487 in 2021.

Skin cancer is a disease with the incidence rate that has been continually increasing along with growth of the older population and increased outdoor activities. Skin cancer is especially dominant in the white who lacks melanin pigment. In Australia, 2 of 3 people, and in the US, 1 of 5 have skin cancer more than once in a lifetime. The early diagnosis is specially difficult since the initial symptoms are not clearly identifiable and the color or shape of a spot is not easily recognizable.

Doctors often use a Dermascope(skin magnifier) to visually inspect but its accuracy is only around 60~70% compared to the histopathological biopsy. The Biopsy is a well kwon golden standard for skin cancer diagnosis, but it has own limitations such as extra cost and waiting time, and its accuracy is not typically consistent depending on experience level of pathologists.

Speclipse’s core technology is Spectra-Scope. It obtains biochemical component data of skin cancer tissues through Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy(LIPS), then analyze and train the data with AI in order to accurately diagnose skin cancer non-invasively in real time. Spectra-Scope has been approved in European Union, Australia and Brazil.

The paper is ‘Real-time in vivo skin cancer triage by laser-induced plasma spectroscopy combined with deep learning-based diagnostic algorithm.’ Spectra-Scope was able to diagnosis a skin cancer with accuracy of 94.6% sensitivity and 88.9% specificity based on the real-time, in vivo tests on 296 malignant lesions and 316 benign lesions. Its accuracy is significantly higher than 60%-70% accuracy of doctors who usually rely on visual diagnostic method. It is considered the highest accuracy out of all existing skin cancer diagnostic methods. There is no side effect reported.

“The study proved that Spectra-Scope provides skin cancer diagnosis accurately and non-invasively and improves quality of early diagnosis and surgical follow-up,” said Sung Hyun Pyun, CEO of Speclipse. “We will be a game changer in skin cancer especially in a market such as Germany and Australia where the skin rate is the highest globally.” Speclipse initiated the direct and local marketing through an affiliated company recently set up in Germany, focusing global market penetration.

Founded by the graduates in Mechanical Engineering of Stanford University, Speclipse has been dedicated to developing cancer-diagnostic devices utilizing Laser Induced-Plasma Spectroscopy(LIPS) and AI. Shortly after global approval of Spectra-Scope, Speclipse was acquired by the Mico group who recognized its technical potentials. Speclipse also received the global attention, being selected as the only Asian company on TOP10 non-invasive medical devices along with Boston Scientific in Medtech Outlook in 2022.

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Speclipse’s Spectra-Scope diagnosing skin cancer