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It’s now easier to review and contribute to the Kubuntu Focus Suite using the kfocus-source unified GitHub repository.

CASTRO VALLEY, CA, USA, December 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Kubuntu Focus team today announced the immediate availability of kfocus-source, a unified GitHub repository containing the Kubuntu Focus Suite. This software has always been published under the GPLv2 license, but now with kfocus-source, it’s easier to review and contribute within the standard GitHub interface.

The kfocus-source repository provides the Kubuntu Focus Suite of tools, configurations, and hardware optimizations that work in harmony with standard Kubuntu 22.04 LTS. It is carefully designed to avoid reinventing the wheel and does not, for example, contain a variation of an entire operating system, or a shell on top of it. This adds unique value to an already vibrant and broadly supported ecosystem and community.

Previously, the Kubuntu Focus Suite was available from various projects on GitHub and Launchpad. Now, with kfocus-source, developers can easily work with all the software from one unified repository. The Kubuntu Focus Team believes this is the next step in being a part of the greater Ubuntu community and looks forward to working with more developers to create solutions they want and need.

The Kubuntu Focus Team Launchpad PPA, hosted by Canonical, uses the code in kfocus-source to build and publish the Kubuntu Focus Suite packages. This ensures that they are built against the default Ubuntu repositories without any additions or subtractions, and that the toolchain remains intact without modification. This ensures that the dependencies in the packages are correct and illustrates the team’s dedication to working with and contributing to the Ubuntu ecosystem.

Interested developers can explore the kfocus-source repository at https://github.com/kfocus/kfocus-source. Please direct questions to support@kfocus.org or call 844-536-2871.

About Kubuntu Focus
Kubuntu Focus sells officially branded Kubuntu computers designed to work out-of-the-box with the beautiful-and-intuitive KDE desktop and industry-standard Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Focus systems are designed to save time and hassle every day with hardware optimizations, curated apps, Focus Tools, HOWTOs designed for your system, and unmatched Linux support. Typical customers are data scientists, engineers, developers, and creators. Learn more at https://kfocus.org.

Company Statements
Michael Mikowski, General Manager, says “We started the Kubuntu Focus Project over 3 years ago with the goal of contributing to an already excellent Kubuntu distribution and community. I think we have accomplished a lot of that: we created additional tools, guidance, and hardware optimizations to help users have a great out-of-the-box experience. And we’ve contributed many of these solutions upstream with more on the way. We appreciate and thank all the wonderful people at Ubuntu, KDE, and Kubuntu that make all this possible.”

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Please direct questions to TellMeMore@kfocus.org, or call 1-844-536-2871.
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