A mother and three children smile because they are benefiting from services provided by charity partner, Children's Lifesaving Foundation.

A family benefiting from the care of charity partner, Children’s Lifesaving Foundation.

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Jane Seymour, Board member and Co-Founder, invites everyone to join the Open Hearts Movement

It is my vision that the work of the Open Hearts Foundation will grow the Open Hearts Philosophy into the Open Hearts Movement where everyone is welcome to join us, open their heart, and find purpose.”

— Jane Seymour, Co-Founder and Board member, Open Hearts Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Open Hearts Foundation is thrilled to announce its recent investments in sixteen charities across the United States. Co-Founded by award winning actress and philanthropist, Jane Seymour, OBE, these emerging charities were selected during a competitive grant process with new guidelines and an alignment with the Open Hearts Philosophy. After a month-long open request for proposals, thirty-eight charities applied and sixteen were selected to receive immediate grants.

The Open Hearts Philosophy inspires everyone to accept their challenges and look to see what can be done to help others. These sixteen emerging charities align with that philosophy through their founding principles or leaders and stretch across the United States from New York to California, the Navajo Nation in Arizona to twenty-two correctional facilities in Florida. Ted Oakley founded Foster Angels of South Texas after overcoming his own difficult upbringing and focused on helping foster children receive much needed clothing, school supplies and other basic human needs. Sophia Kozak founded Critical Mass Dance Company to help other trauma victims overcome their challenges through dance therapy after she suffered a childhood of abuse and injury and became healed through dance. Some of the other charities receiving funds were founded by small groups of women, teachers, and community members who came together as witnesses to the distress they were seeing in their neighborhoods and provide help for others who needed it most. Collectively, their work provides critical resources such as services to break cycles of abuse associated to domestic violence, food and clothing for children with no resources, diapers for struggling teen or foster parents, and wraparound services for families on the edge of experiencing homelessness. Their dedicated passion and focused commitment to turn adversity into opportunity is saving lives in their communities.

Tim Mallad, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, expressed, “Over the last two and a half years, the Open Hearts Foundation developed an even deeper understanding of the importance of finding opportunity in adversity. Our community of like-minded philanthropic individuals and businesses joined together to create change for the greater good. We are thrilled to continue to provide these important grants and we are truly inspired by the work of these emerging charities. We look forward to sharing their incredible stories in the coming months.”

Jane Seymour, Co-Founder and Board member, stated, “My mother’s experience as a prisoner in a Japanese internment camp during World War II and her resilience during those very challenging times inspired the Open Hearts Philosophy. It is my vision that the work of the Open Hearts Foundation will grow the Open Hearts Philosophy into the Open Hearts Movement. Everyone is welcome to join us, open their heart, and find purpose. I am so grateful for the support of so many businesses, volunteers, and donors who sustain the Foundation’s work. Equally, we are all in awe of the tireless efforts of these charities which provide hope and life-saving resources for the most vulnerable communities.”

For additional details about each grant and the local stories of each charity that is benefiting from this grant cycle, find additional information on our website: www.openheartsfoundation.org/grant-making

The Open Hearts Foundation is committed to the careful stewardship of our donors’ contributions and requires each charity partner to submit a brief Final Report explaining how the funds were used and the impact they achieved.

About the Open Hearts Foundation
The Open Hearts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, empowers emerging and growing nonprofit organizations whose origins and mission are consistent with the precepts of the Open Hearts philosophy. The Foundation accelerates purpose through its grant making and volunteerism programs curating incredible opportunities to engage hands on with philanthropic causes. The Foundation has provided more than $1,571,545.00 in its grant making history in support of charities throughout the United States and inspires thousands of volunteers across the globe to do what they can to help others and find their unique purpose.

To learn more about the Open Hearts Foundation, visit www.openheartsfoundation.org.

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