SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, December 20, 2022 / — LMR Partners LLP operates as an investment management company. Recently, the company has developed a new project. The Path will carry out a new round of comprehensive layouts in China and Southeast Asia.

In the latest development, the person in charge of the Path project’s operations department in China delivered a speech on project promotion, announcing that the new business layout of the project may set up 100 smart aggregation experience stores, with an estimated total investment of about 100 million yuan.

The person in charge of the Operations Department of the Path project in China said that LMR Partners is optimistic about the Asia-Pacific market and will invest a lot of money and talent support in all aspects. In August 2022, Path entered the Asia-Pacific market, and in September, the Chinese online community was established. In October of the same year, Path successfully ranked among the top 500 Asian brands and won the Famous Brand Award.

Moreover, Path will officially launch the recruitment of partners for the operation center in China in November 2022. Some Smart Aggregation experienced store prediction points have been opened in the Asia-Pacific region. For each smart aggregation experience store, Path will provide financial support to complete the configuration of the operation center and to deliver relevant guidance, the marketing path in China will do comprehensive brand marketing and channel promotion, and at the same time, require cooperative organizations to complete the corresponding designated goals every year with support and guidance.

The marketing promotion of Path in the entire Asia-Pacific region does not require a large number of cooperative institutions. Still, mutual benefit and win-win results are the goals of Path. To promote the implementation of the strategic blueprint, the LMR Partners headquarters will gradually open up the Asia Pacific market, help the Path project continue to encourage the market cooperation plan, and provide support, including funds, teams, talents, etc.

Consequently, the Path project is expected to end at the end of this year. Test points, carry out a new round of comprehensive layout in the Asia-Pacific region – China and Southeast Asia. In the latest round of layout, according to the market feedback of the internal test points, an intelligent aggregation experience store is officially established, and the regions with better market performance feedback will take the lead in setting up experience stores, and in the first round, 100 smart aggregation experience stores will be established in the Asia-Pacific region. The total investment is expected to be around RMB 100 million.

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